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Includes prices for 'Tendasoft Panty Pads', 'Sainsbury's toothpaste', 'Cream Silk' conditioner, 'Dettol antiseptic-disinfectant', 'Body Mist 2' body spray, 'Ambre Solaire Swim & Sun' sun lotion, 'Alberto VO5' shampoo, 'Sainsbury's Antiseptic Cream', 'Gilette Contour Shaving Cream', 'Miss matey bubble bath', 'Supersoft Hairspray', 'Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Blades', 'Sainsbury's Peppermint Flavour Antiseptic Mouthwash', 'Alberto Balsam' shampoo, 'Gillette Right Guard' deodorant, 'Fairy' soap.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

There are two very slightly different versions of this proof - one is slightly larger than the other, probably for a different size newspaper. The only difference is that the size of the images and text is slightly larger on one copy.