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Includes prices for 'Alberto VO5 Shampoo', ''Elnett Hairspray', 'Camay' soap, 'Colgate' toothpaste, 'Tendasoft Panty Pads', 'Gillette Right Guard' anti-perspirant, 'Revlon Flex' conditioner, 'Sainsbury's 30 Panty Liners', 'Head & Shoulders Shampoo', 'Aquafresh 3' toothpaste, 'Sainsbury's Antiseptic', 'Gillette Blue II Disposable Razors', 'Mum' deodorant, ''Wright's Coal Tar Soap', 'Wild Touch Hair Gel', 'Arrid Extra Dry' anti-perspirant'.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

Includes note written on advert with date 09 Jul 1984.