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Includes prices for 'Hedex' headache pills, 'Sainsbury's Royal Ivory Soap', 'Sainsbury's Oral Health Toothpaste', 'Arrid Extra Dry' body spray, 'Wella Stylite' conditioner, 'Oral-B 40 Twin Pack' toothbrushes, 'Head & Shoulder's' Shampoo, 'Sainsbury's Spearmint Flavour Flouride Toothpaste', 'Sainsbury's Green Apple Soap', 'Empathy Shampoo', 'Silvikrin Hairspray', 'Sainsbury's Chesty Cough Mixture', 'Alberto Balsam Conditioner', 'Sainsbury's Moisture Creme Bath', 'Silvikrin Head Lines Dandruff Shampoo', 'Lux Beauty Soap'.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

Includes separate note that the advert was for inclusion in the Daily Mail; Daily Express; Sun, 04 Feb 1985.