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Includes prices for 'Palmolive' soap, 'Body Mist 2' body spray, 'Sainsbury's 10 Press-on Mini Pads', ''Fréquence Nature Mild Shampoo', 'Elnett Hairspray', 'Silkience self-adjusting shampoo', 'Kotex Simplicity' sanitary towels, ''Silkience self-adjusting conditioner', 'mentadent P' toothpaste, 'Colgate' toothpaste, 'Sainsbury's Space Invader Bubble Bath', 'Gillette Blue II' razors, 'Imperial Leather dry anti-perspirant', 'Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion', 'Cussons Imperial Leather Talc', 'Silkience Hairspray'.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

Includes note that the advert was for inclusion in the Sun; Daily Express; Daily Mail, 29 Apr 1985.