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'Sainsbury's plug bathroom prices' advertisement proof, [1987]. Includes prices for 'Alberto VO5 Pure Shampoo', 'Sainsbury's Shower Gel', Head & Shoulders Shampoo', 'Imperial Leather Toilet Soap', 'Camay Soap', 'Soft & Gentle Anti-perspirant', 'Palmolive Foam Bath', 'Gillette Blue II' razors, 'Colgate' toothpaste, 'Palmolive Sensitive Skins Formula Shave Foam', 'Body Mist Plus' Anti-perspirant, 'Radox Herbal Bath' Bubble bath.

Also includes illustrations of some of these products.

Includes separate note with schedule of newspapers: The Sun; Daily Star; Today; Daily Mirror; Daily Express; Daily Mail; The Times; Daily Telegraph. 'Half-page Tuesday 15th June/ Wednesday 16th/ Thursday 18th June option'. Also includes text: 'Lines and Prices Advertisement. Toiletries - Supplier Funded'.