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'Take care of yourself with Sainsbury's prices' advertisement proof, 1983. Includes prices for 'Crest' toothpaste, 'Silvikrin Alpine Herb Shampoo', 'Mum' deodorant, 'Tampax' tampons, 'Sainsbury's Hair Spray', 'Gillette GII' razors, 'macleans' toothpaste, 'Clearasil Deep Cleansing Lotion', 'Dettol antiseptice-disenfectant', 'Cream Silk Cream Conditioner', 'Sainsbury's Fabric Plasters', 'Gillette Right Guard Anti-Perspirant', 'Sainsbury' Cotton Buds', 'Sainsbury's Coal Tar Soap', 'Hugo Shower 'Soap', 'Sainsbury's 15 All in One Elasticated Nappies'.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

There are two very slightly different versions of the proof - the size is slightly different for printing in different newspapers but they are otherwise identical.