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'Take care of yourself with Sainsbury's prices' advertisement proof, 1983. Includes prices for 'Crest' toothpaste, 'Lil-lets' tampons, 'Elseve' conditioner, 'Palmolive' soap, 'Imperial Leather Dry Anti-Perspirant', 'L'Oreal Free Style Mousse', 'Oral-B' toothbrush, 'Sainsbury's 15 All in One Elasticated Nappies', 'Sainsbury's Hair Spray', 'Head & Shoulders Shampoo', 'Sainsbury's Bubble Bath', 'Imperial Leather' soap, 'Revlon Dry Skin Relief', 'Sainsbury's Antiperspirant', 'Sainsbury's Family Cough Syrup', 'Sensodyne Toothpaste'.

Also includes illustrations of these products.

Includes note written on advertisement with date 10 Oct 1983.

There are two versions of the proof. The only difference is that one version is slightly larger than the other.