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Buchanan Street store advertisement magazine proofs, 1999. Proof sheet includes four separate magazine advertisements for the new Buchanan Street store.

Advert 1: 'Now you don't have to make a meal out of shopping'. Includes photographs of produce and a meal.
Advert 2: 'Now you can find fresh food on Buchanan Street'. Includes a map with a photo of a carrot pointing to the store location.
Advert 3: 'This lunch hour, allow us to take up a couple of minutes of your time'. Includes a photo of a sandwich, an apple and a canned drink on a till conveyer belt.
Advert 4: 'All your shopping needs packed in a single box'. Includes an image of a Sainsbury store made to look like a box with handles.

All of the adverts include the slogan: 'Sainsbury's Central Buchanan Street, Opposite Bath Street Now Open'.

Proof includes date.