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'Take care of yourself with Sainsbury's prices' newspaper advertisement, c. 1982. Includes prices for 'Hedex' headache tablets, 'Sainsbury's Deodorant Soap', 'Apri Apricot Facial Scrub', 'Amplex' deodorant, 'Supersoft once' shampoo, 'Aquafresh' toothpaste, 'Sainsbury's Cleansing Roll', 'Tendasoft Panty Pads', 'Johnson's Carefree Panty Shields', 'Wilkinson Sword Handy Razors', 'Soft & Gentle Non-sting anti-perspirant', 'Silkience Self-Adjusting Conditioner', 'Harmony Hairspray', 'Sainsbury's Bath Salts', 'Sainsbury's toothpaste', 'Palmolive' soap.

Also includes illustrations of these products.