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Published in the Sun, Mail, Express, Star, Today, Mirror, Telegraph, Times during the week commencing 17 November. With slogan 'Good food costs less at Sainsbury's'.

Includes prices (valid until 22 Nov 1986) for 'Sainsbury's Blended Scotch Whisky', 'Sainsbury's Dry Gin', 'Neapolitan Soft Scoop Ice Cream', 'Sainsbury's Mincemeat', 'Butterball Deep Basted Chicken', 'Sainsbury's Muscadet', 'Sköna Lager', 'Sainsbury's Pork Sausages', 'Sainsbury's Icing Sugar', Sainsbury's Coffee Powder', 'Home Produced Fresh Rump Steak', ''Home Produced Extra Lean Fresh Beef Mince', 'Avocados', 'Flora', 'Sainsbury's Fresh Milk', 'Sainsbury's Fresh Irish Cheddar', 'Sainsbury's Dutch Smoked Rindless Back Bacon', 'Sainsbury's Soups Ready to Serve', 'Penguin', 'Sainsbury's Self-Raising/Plain Flour', 'Sainsbury's Blended Vegetable Oil', 'Sainsbury's Potato Crisps', 'Sainsbury's Sherries', 'Sainsbury's Supreme Dog Food', 'Sainsbury's Supreme Cat Food'.

Branches mentioned: Wandsworth Road.

Includes illustrations of some of these products.