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'Sainsbury's, the greenest grocer' photocopied advertisement proof, 1989 with slogan 'Sainsbury's. Leading by example'. Includes text: 'On May 27th 1989, Sainsbury's was declared the "greenest" retailer in the United Kingdom'. Headings for areas covered: '1. CFCs - Refrigeration'; '2. Unleaded Petrol'; '3. Recycling'; '4. Energy Efficiency'; '5. Detergents'; '6. Babies' Nappies'; '7. Batteries'; '8. Organic Food and Drink', '9. Forest Conservation'; '10. Animal Testing'; '11. Green Labelling'; '12. 'Green' Positioning'.

Includes an illustration of a shopping basket with grass and trees growing in it.

Also has written note of the date.