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'Take care of yourself with Sainsbury's prices' advertisement proof, c. 1982. Includes prices for 'Tendasoft Panty Pads', 'Sainsbury's toothpaste', 'Cream Silk Rich & Creamy Conditioner', 'Dettol antiseptic disinfectant', 'Body Mist 2', 'Ambre Solaire suntan milk', ''Alberto VO5 Natural Henna Shampoo', 'Sainsbury's Antiseptic Cream', 'Gillette Contour Shaving Cream', 'Miss Matey bubble bath', 'Supersoft Hairspray', 'Wilkinson Sword 8 Double Edge Blades', 'Sainsbury's Peppermint Flavour Antiseptic Mouthwash', 'Alberto Balsam Shampoo', 'Gillette Right Guard', 'Fairy' soap.

Also includes illustrations of these products.