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'Take care of yourself with Sainsbury's prices' advertisement proof, c. 1982. Includes prices for 'Crest', 'Li-lets 20 Super Tampons', 'Elsève for Normal Hair', 'Palmolive' soap, 'Cusson's Imperial Leather Dry Anti-Perspirant', 'L'Oréal Free Style Mousse', 'Oral-B toothbrush', 'Sainsbury's 15 All in One Elasticated Nappies', 'Sainsbury's Hair Spray', 'Head & Shoulders Shampoo', 'Sainsbury's Bubble Bath', 'Cusson's Imperial Leather' soap, 'Revlon Dry Skin Relief', 'Sainsbury's Antiperspirant', 'Sainsbury's Family Cough Syrup', 'Sensodyne Toothpaste'. Branches mentioned: Gravesend (St. George's Centre).

Also includes illustrations of these products. Includes store opening hours.