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'Healthy Eating the African and Caribbean Way' advertisement proof, c. 1984. Includes text: 'Enjoy a variety of foods, especially fruit, vegetables and starchy foods'; 'Sainsbury's has produced this information in association with the Community Dietitians of Wandsworth Community Health Trust and The Royal London Hospital, members of the Multicultural Nutrition Group of State Registered Dietitians'; 'Sainsbury's Healthy Eating Advice is based on 'The Balance of Good Health' published by the Department of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Health of Education Authority'.

Includes a pie chart depicted as a plate with a knife and fork each side. The pie chart is divided into five sections: 'Fruit and Vegetables'; 'Bread, other Cereals and Potatoes'; 'Milk and Dairy Foods'; 'Foods containing Fat. Foods containing sugar'; 'Meat, Fish and Alternatives', and contains photographs of these types of products.