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Material promoting Sainsbury's wines featuring the slogan "Good wine costs less at Sainsbury's" including:

colour magazine advertisement proof for Sainsbury's wines and a free wine magazine including a complimentary Wine List available in-store: "Sainsbury's wine speaks volumes. Sainsbury's volumes speak wine.";

colour magazine advertisements:
"How can you be sure it's not champagne masquerading as Sainsbury's Sparkling Saumur?"; example is advertising Sainsbury's Sparkling Saumur;

advertisement from The Sunday Times Magazine, 26 Apr 1981: "Les vins français chez Sainsbury sont trés authentiques, n'est-ce pas?"; accompanying handwritten note suggests that example is possibly the first-ever colour press advertisement produced for Sainsbury's by Abbott Mead Vickers.

Includes various examples of Abbott Mead Vickers/SMS Ltd.'s advertising campaign for Sainsbury's.