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Advertisement for lightbulbs and videotapes. Published in The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Times during the week commencing 20 November 1989 on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday option.

With slogan 'Not only good food costs less at Sainsbury's'. Includes prices for 'Sainsbury's Clear Candle Bulbs', 'Sainsbury's Opal Candle Bulbs', 'Sainsbury's Globe G95 Bulb 60w', 'Phillips Softone Candle Bulbs', 'Sainsbury's Night Light Bulb 12w', 'BASF E180 videotapes twinpack (6 hours recording)', 'BASF E240 videotapes twinpack (8 hours recording)', 'Sainsbury's Fireglow Bulb 60w'.

Also includes illustrations of these products inside a border comprised of 'Sainsbury's'.