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Black and white newspaper advertisement from the Daily Mirror featuring the copy "See how much you save at Sainsbury's" and the slogan "Sainsbury's. Where good food costs less".

"This week's supersaves!" include:
Sainsbury's Garden Peas,
Sainsbury's Shorteen,
Sainsbury's Drinking Chocolate,
Sainsbury's Malted Bedtime Drink,
Sainsbury's Jam Tarts
Wilkinson Sword/Gillette Super Silver Razor Blades

Other savings:
Sainsbury's Tomato Soup,
Sainsbury's Minced Beef and Onions,
Baked Beans (Sainsbury's and Heinz),
Batchelors Processed Peas,
Biscuits (Sainsbury's Cream Crackers and McVitie's Digestive),
Creamed Rice (Sainsbury's or Libby's),
Sainsbury's Mandarin Oranges,
Instant Coffee (Sainsbury's and Maxwell House),
Sainsbury's Red Label and Brown Label Teas
Robertson's Golden Shred Marmalade.