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'Sainsbury's Super-Save Offers the week's best value - anywhere! advert proof, 1965 with slogan 'Good Food Costs Less at Sainsbury's'. Includes prices for 'Sainsbury's Packet Soups (Tomato, Oxtail, Pea with Ham)', 'Sainsbury's Chopped Ham Loaf', 'Sainsbury's Beans in Tomato', 'Libby's Peach Slices', 'Sainsbury's Drinking Chocolate'.

For inclusion in Northampton Chronicle; Chatham Standard; Leicester Mercury; Reading Evening Post; Bristol Evening Post; Eastern Evening News (5 Oct 1965). Advert proof includes typed note: 'Wimbledon Boro' News; Chatham News; Bexleyheath Observer; Surrey Mirror; Windsor Express; Herts & Essex Observer. All October 1st 1965'.