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Consists of multiple large posters advertising special offers and promotions on products, giving opening hours and recruiting staff. For display in branch windows. Received from Sainsbury's Advertising Department in July 1990. Includes hard copy list of contents.

Posters include:
Branch openings
Free sampling
Cash machines
Off licence and Freezer Centres
Christmas recruitment
Advertisement for job vacancies

Slogans include 'Good food costs less', 'Take a closer look' and 'Fresh at other prices'.

List of contents:

Window Posters from Advertising Dept., July 1990
JS Fresh Fish - Cod, Haddock, Place Fillets & Price
JS Premium Low Fat Pork Sausages
10 Fish Fingers/ Garden Peas/ 4 Beefburgers & Price
Soups/ Sweetcorn/ Steak & Kidney Pie
Special Offer JS Chicken
Special Offer Pork Loin Chops & Minced Beef
Special Offer Pork Loin Chops
Take a Christmas Look - Christmas Champagne & Price
White Italia Grapes (Special Offer)
Naturally British from Sainsbury's
JS Mr. Men Yoghurt & Price
Special Offer Strawberries & Cream
Christmas at JS - Turkeys/ Self-Basting Turkeys & Price
Homebase Leisure Club
JS Eggs Size 4 & Price
Whole Shoulder, English Lamb & Price
JS Wholemeal Bread & Price
Chocolate Digestives/ Mixed Flavour Potato Crisps/ Pure Orange Juice & Price
Brussels Sprouts/ Satsumas & Price
Special Offer Egyptian New Potatoes
Special Offer JS Fresh Whole Chicken
JS Mr. Men Yogurts/ Fresh Recipe Yogurts (Special Offer) & Price
JS English Mild Cheddar (Special Offer)
Special Offer Muscadet/ Claret
Special Offer Soya Margarine/ Cheshire & Price
Nectarines & Price & Special Offer Yellow Melons
Large Peaches & JS Vanilla Ice Cream & Prices
Special Offer French Recipe Yogurt/ Pasteurised Fresh Milk/ Irish Cheddar & Price
Cream Crackers/ Wholewheat Bisk/ Red Label Tea Bags & Prices
Economy Vanilla Ice Cream & Price
Special Offer Crusty Bake Pork Pie/ Discount '85 Tendasweet Cooked Ham
JS Hot Cross Buns/ 50 Party Size Sausage Rolls & Prices
JS Grade A British Turkeys & Price x 2
Special Offer Portuguese Rosé/ Liebfraumilch
Special Offer Princes/ Hamburg Ham/ JS Red Salmon
JS Free Sampling - Roast & Ground Coffee
JS Superstore Opening - Vacancies (full & part-time)
JS New Supermarket Opens 8 March (Milton Keynes)
JS Free Sampling - Provisions
Automatic Cash Dispensers - Barclays, NatWest, Midland, Lloyds
Have you visited JS Off-Licence & Freezer Centre?
Have you visited adjacent JS Freezer Centre?
x2JS Freezer Centre & Off-Licence
Trolley Deposit Scheme Operating in this Store
JS Free Sampling - JS Chilled Recipe Dishes
JS Free Sampling - JS Wine & Cheese
Temporary Staff wanted for Christmas Period
Evening Staff Vacancies
Reminder JS closed 28 December
Apology for Door not in Use - Coffee Shop Open in Autumn
Thank You! £100,000 Charity Appeal (NSPCC Centenary, 1984)
Danger - Forbidden to Climb on Shop Canopy
New Savacentre Open, Merton
Free Cup of Coffee when you spend over £20.00