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"Cook and keep"/"Recipes" leaflet promoting Sainsbury's new and improved organic range (includes the Sainsbury's Organic range, and supplier branded products) and including product information, information about European Union standards on organic food, colour photographs and two recipes. The recipes are Chicken Korma with Crispy Onions and Lentil Patties, and Honey Nut Fudge Sauce.

There are two very slightly different versions of the leaflet - one has a heading of "cook and keep" and one has a heading of "recipes". There do not appear to be any other differences.

Products advertised include:
Spreads - Sainsbury's Organic Strawberry Conserve
Cheese - Sainsbury's Organic Cream Cheese
Biscuits and other snacks - Sainsbury's Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Duchy Originals Organic Biscuits, Doves Farm Organic Flapjack, Sainsbury's Organic Tortilla Chips
Meat - Sainsbury's Organic Chicken Legs
Pasta and pasta sauce - Seeds of Change Organic Penne, Sainsbury's Organic Tomato and Herb Pasta Sauce
Pulses - Sainsbury's Organic Chickpeas, Crazy Jack Organic Green Lentils
Soup - Sainsbury's Tomato and Basil Soup
Sauces - Meridian Tomato Ketchup
Drinks - Santa Cruz Sparkling Canned Drinks, Clipper Organic Coffee and Tea ranges, Libby's Organic Grapefruit Juice, Eden Organic Carrot Juice

Leaflet was available to customers at no charge as part of the "Sainsbury's making life taste better" advertising campaign.