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Price list of groceries, provisions, meat, poultry and game.

Each pamphlet has 16 pages and has been stamped on the front "16 Wellington Place, Hastings". A pre-printed order form is loose inside the front cover of each pamphlet, this has been stamped with the same address. The front cover has an image of a teapot, sugar bowl and tea cup with Sainsbury's Blue Kaddy tea. As well as lists of prices, there are also advertisements for particular products and special offers.

Includes Selsa range: chocolate, calves foot jelly, jelly squares, suet, flour, semolina, custard powder, blancmange, lemonade crystals, lemon squash, orange squash, potted anchovy, potted kipper, gherkins, salad cream, mayonnaise, soup.

Own brand tea and coffee, jam, butter, cream cheese, condensed milk, cocoa. Mentions that farmers as well as retailers and highlights farms in Tiverton, Devon and Haverhill, Suffolk

Proprietary brands include Nestle, Huntley & Palmers, Peek Freans, McVitie & Prices, W R Jacobs, Ryvita, Cannings or Scotts, Heinz, Oxo, Bovril, Marmite, Symingtons, Ideal, Lea & Perrins, Bisto Carebos, Colman's, Saxa, Broadacre, Baxters, Smedleys, Kia-Ora, Eiffel Tower, Rose's, Borwick's, Raisley, Bird's, Green's, Scott's, Brown & Poulson's, Lyle's, Horlick's, Ovaltine, White's, Chiver's, Hugon's atora, saxa, Gay Friar, Old English, Old Country, Brands