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Letter from Francis Meynell of Mather & Crowther Ltd [advertising agents for Sainsbury's] to Alan Sainsbury, Esq. enclosing the final proof of the first advertisement: "For 70 Years Sainsbury's have played a vital part etc."

In his letter, Meynell indicates which newspapers this advertisement is to appear in and that its size will be reduced for the provincial papers. He also encloses four out of the five "basket" series and the second institutional campaign insertion ("70 years of good providing") [none are present] and reminds Mr Alan that he has two further pieces of institutional copy dealing with the "trinity" and staff matters to consider. Meynell finally highlights that the "special-product" series remains and that the advertising agency has been experimenting with various techniques of reproduction for these. He points out that "special-product" advertisements cannot be assigned to a particular date because the agency must interpose them as Sainsbury's occasions and the market demand.