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Correspondence between Mather & Crowther Ltd [advertising agents for Sainsbury's] and Sainsbury's.

Consists of 3 letters:
(1) dated 10 Jul 1939 from the Executive Director of Mather & Crowther Ltd. to Alan Sainsbury informing him that all the forms of copy used in the recently completed "70th anniversary" advertising scheme have been printed on special paper and bound together to give a complete and permanent record;
(2) dated 12 Jul 1939 from J.B. Sainsbury (Chairman) to the Chairman of Mather & Crowther Ltd. voicing his pleasure at seeing the the folder enclosing the series of advertisements prepared by the advertising agency to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Firm and his conviction that this publicity has had a beneficial effect upon Sainsbury's public relations and that "there is throughout every evidence of the closest possible co-operation between our two houses";
(3) dated 13 Jul 1939 from the Chairman of Mather & Crowther Ltd. to Mr J.B. thanking him for his kind comments about the advertising agency's services and "happy relations" between the two firms.