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table listing the advertising spaces booked in the Evening News, Standard and Star newspapers, with details of the column inches taken up in each publication and pencil annotations calculating the total cost of insertions;

advertising copy for margarine and butter rationing, and registering with Sainsbury's (produced by Mather & Crowther Ltd.);

proof of advertisement entitled "In a home served by Sainsbury's..." encouraging customers to fill in their ration books at home before visiting Sainsbury's shops (pencil note suggests it was included in the Evening Standard on June 21, year unknown);

letter dated 10 June 1940 from Francis Meynell of Mather & Crowther Ltd [advertising agents for Sainsbury's] to Alan Sainsbury enclosing a drawing of his proposal for the streamer on Sainsbury's small delivery vans [drawing not present] and asking for Mr Alan's approval so that Meynell can get one board painted and an estimate made up for a series;

notes regarding the 1940's registration advertising campaign which include patience with incompletely trained female staff and the benefit of the public making mind up quickly as to what they want;

advertising copy entitled "The Girl at Sainsbury's" explaining the introduction of "new girls" to Sainsbury's shops to replace the men for the duration of the war (dated 15 May 1940);

three sheets of advertising copy describing the conversations of a customer and "The Man/Girl at Sainsbury's" which explain that the Ministry of Food controls what all food shops can sell in the way of rationed foods and why salted butter is available as opposed to fresh butter, why extra meat on top of the rationed amount cannot be served and why it helps for customers to have their ration books filled in and shopping lists made before visiting Sainsbury's shops (produced by Mather & Crowther Ltd.);

advertising copy giving customers advice about how to get the most out of their ration allowances; letter from the Private Secretary to Mr Francis Meynell of Mather & Crowther Ltd. to Alan Sainsbury informing him that the advertising agency will have to adapt "The Manager at Sainsbury's" advertisement to the Star newspaper's new reduced column width, and enclosing another proof of this advertisement (not present) for his comments;

list of newspapers containing an advertisement (unnamed but produced by Mather & Crowther Ltd.) of Messrs. J. Sainsbury Ltd. including the Eastbourne Gazette, Eastbourne Herald and Seaford. Sussex Express.