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Letter from T.D. Morison, Esq. of Mather & Crowther Ltd [advertising agents for Sainsbury's] to Alan Sainsbury, Esq. concerning the advertising agency's revised cost and date plan for Sainsbury's "70 Years" Advertising Campaign.

Attached are two date plans within which Mather & Crowther Ltd. suggests running the campaign adverts in four London papers on different days of the week with the lower class papers towards the end of the week, apart from during Easter where all the adverts need to be run earlier in the week to avoid being too close to Good Friday. For the Provincial Papers, Mather & Crowther Ltd. plans to run them all on Thursday night. In his letter T.D. Morison explains the reasons behind these decisions, vouches that the distribution of the "large spaces" as indicated in the plans are satisfactory, and asks for Mr Alan's approval so that Mather & Crowther Ltd. can proceed with the necessary bookings.