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Correspondence between Mr G. Brown, Manager of Cheapside, Nottingham, and Head Office concerning the particulars of trolley advertising boards:

(1) letter from G. Brown to Head Office, dated 28 October 1936, forwarding a photo and terms of the advertising board to him following Mr Farrows' instructions [photo has written on the back: "Full board, 2 sides, £2-10-0 per week including man and end posters. Poster and man supplied. Sandwich boards 40x30: 6/6 per day, poster extra. Sandwich board 20x30 with top name board over head: 6/6, poster extra."; and the following address printed: A.B.C. Advertising Contractors, 47 Broad Marsh, Nottingham];

(2) letter from Head Office to G. Brown dated 29 October 1936, thanking him for sending the particulars of the trolley advertising boards and asking how many hours a day the price G. Brown quoted covers;

(3) reply note from G. Brown informing Head Office that the hours a day covered by the price quoted are 9am - 5pm.