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Comprises photographs, slides and transparencies of advertisements for fresh produce and meat including:

fresh produce: salad (tomatoes, lettuce); mushrooms; avocado; kiwi; fennel; cabbage; peach; potatoes; exotic fruit and vegetables; fresh herbs; Sainsbury's English Traditional Apples;

fresh meat: chicken (roasting, ready-stuffed; 20 types); Victory Turkeys [1918-9]; Christmas turkeys; joints; 1 colour slide of advertising for traditional beef 'If Henry VIII did knight the sirloin, how would he have honoured our other cuts of traditional beef (1980s-1990s); 1 colour positive of advertising poster on store window announcing that fresh meat is now displayed by cooking method and weekly meat special (1970s);

copy of page ('Geese and Gosling') from Songs of Sainsbury: 'Food for Thought' by Pin [1928];

some advertisements feature the slogan: "Good food costs less".