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Includes images of Sainsbury's products:

Frozen cakes and other frozen desserts:
1 colour slide of yogurt and sour cream cheesecake (1980s);
3 colour positives of blackcurrant mousse (1970);
1 colour transparency of 4 crepes suzette (1980s);

Frozen fish:
1 colour slide of fresh frozen range of fish (1960s);
1 colour slide of fresh frozen fish sticks (1960s);
2 colour slides of kipper fillets, smoked haddock fillets and smoked cod fillets skinless (1960s);
1 colour slide of 20 cod fish fingers (1980s);

Frozen meat and meat products:
2 colour positives of 8 beef burgers with onion (1994);
1 colour slide of beefburgers (1960s);

Frozen vegetables and vegetable products:
4 colour positives of 8 potato croquettes (1968);
3 colour positives of 8 potato croquettes (1970s);

Mixed frozen foods and frozen food displays:
2 colour positives of home freezer pack including ice cream vanilla (1970s);
1 colour transparency of freezer foods range (1970s-1980s);
1 colour transparency of frozen foods range (1980s);

Branch displays:
1 black and white picture of branch display of home freezer pack range of foods such as one side prime new zealand lamb and garden peas (1970s);
2 colour slides of branch freezer cabinets (1970s);
6 colour positives of frozen food displays in stores (1970s).