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Includes images of packaging of Sainsbury's toast (branded with 'i love you'); garlic bread; baguettes; herb bread; cheese and onion bread; garlic ciabatta; garlic and herb chop block; loaves; burger buns; garlic rolls; 1 colour positive of Selsa finest self raising flour.

Also includes 1 colour picture and 1 colour transparency of wholemeal bread medium sliced (1990s).

Contains images of the following products:
Bread loaves: Wholemeal Bread Medium Sliced; Medium Sliced White Bread; unpackaged loaves; various loaves (Sainsbury's and non-Sainsbury's); Soft Grain; Brown Bread Medium Sliced; White Bread Medium Sliced
Rolls: 12 White Burger Buns; 6 Multi Grain Wholemeal Rolls
Heat & Serve range: Heat & Serve breads range (garlic bread etc); Garlic Rolls
Miscellaneous: toast with 'I Love You' on it