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Includes images of Sainsbury's products:

Pastes, pates, and potted meats:
1 colour slide of pate range (1980s);

1 black and white picture of cured bacon counter in a branch (1900-1930);
1 black and white picture of premium tendersweet loin steaks smoked (1983);

Various meat products:
1 black and white picture of savoury pie, chicken and leek pie, Lincolnshire small pork sausages, Lincolnshire pork sausages, party eggs with curried sauce and sultanas, premium pizza cheese tomato pineapple and ham (1985);
1 black and white picture of low fat 2 extra lean beefburgers and low fat extra lean pork and beef sausages (1980s);
2 colour pictures, 1 colour transparency of cornish pasty, sausage rolls, skinless pork sausages, skinless beef sausages, pork sausage meat, meat pie, steak pie, cherry pie, gooseberry pie, apricot pie, apple pie, blackcurrant pie, pork sausages, beef sausages, pork pie, pork pies, and unpackaged meats (1960s);
1 colour positive of Brussels Pate smooth pork liver pate, Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, Ardennes coarse pork liver pate, extra quality 8 sausages, premium family steak pie, family chicken and bacon pie, coarse pork liver pate with duck (1970s-1980s);
1 colour transparency of Sainsbury's Tendersweet ham, bacon and gammon range, cooked sausages, Rissoles, Frankfurters, Chopped Ham Roll, Pork Luncheon Meat, 2 Hamburgers,
6 colour transparencies of cooked meat range includes Tendersweet bacon, ham, frankfurters, hamburgers (1960s-1970s);
1 black and white transparency of meat with barcode attached (1980s).

Delicatessen foods:
1 colour slide of puff pastry vegetable flan (1980s-1990s);