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Magazine (52 pages) about Sainsbury's which was issued as a supplement to The Grocer trade magazine on 25 July 1998. Edited by Andrew Pring and published by William Reed Publishing Ltd.

The supplement features interviews with many of the company's directors and senior managers and discusses a variety of topics relating to the operation and strategy of the company. Advertisements from suppliers and others are also included.

Contains the following articles:
Interview with Lord Sainsbury of Turville (David Sainsbury), Chairman
Interview with Dino Adriano, Chief Executive
Interview with Kevin McCarten, Group Marketing Director
Interview with Ian Merton, Buying Director of Primary Agriculture - about partnership schemes with growers of fruit and vegetables
Interview with John Rowe, Logistics Director
Interview with Brigette Hardy, Innovations Manager - about finding new foods from around the world
Interview with Allan Cheesman - about wine buying
Interview with David Bremner, Deputy Group Chief Executive - about Sainsbury's American business Shaw's Supermarkets
Interview with Ian Coull, about development of new stores and about store formats
Interview with Ian Merton - about meat buying
Interview with David McNair, Director of Brand Marketing - about own label products
Interview with Bob Cooper, Trading Director - about supplier relationships
Interview with Richard Chadwick, Deputy Chief Executive of Sainsbury's Bank
Interview with John Renshaw, Location Marketing Director - about home shopping including Orderline
Interview with Bridget Williams - about Sainsbury's history
"Who's Who" - names and photos of company directors and senior managers
"The Bottom Line" - table of financial figures and store statistics