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Includes press releases for 2000.
22 December 2000 J Sainsbury plc (‘Sainsbury’s’) sells Homebase for £969 million and re-invests £31 million for an 18% equity stake
8 December 2000 Sainsbury's Announces Head Office Move and Redevelopment of Blackfriars Complex

6 December 2000 Sainsbury's cuts petrol prices

23 November 2000 Sainsbury's and Homeport find the solution to unattended home delivery

22 November 2000 Interim Results 2000/2001

22 November 2000 Sainsbury's expands in the US

22 November 2000 Carlton and Sainsbury's announce taste network joint venture

13 November 2000 Sainsbury's Signs IT Contract with Andersen Consulting

3 November 2000 Taste the Difference

20 October 2000 Sainsbury's and Oddbins unveil new direct-to-consumer wine venture

18 October 2000 Sainsbury's Supermarkets - Progress Report

18 October 2000 Sainsbury's revolutionises UK's mobile phone market

10 October 2000 Sainsbury's Initial Response to The Competition Commission Report

1 October 2000 Sainsbury's switches to Ecotricity for renewable energy

19 September 2000 Sainsbury's continues to work with British Farmers

14 September 2000 Sainsbury's Update: Petrol Crisis

11September 2000 Sainsbury's restructures to maximise value of its property portfolio

6 September 2000 World's first supermarket to specify higher organic standards

29 August 2000 Sainsbury's cuts price of petrol at all stations to 77.9p per litre in move to slow prices

23 August 2000 Sainsbury's examining strategic alternatives for Homebase

22 August 2000 Sainsbury's To Outsource IT and Payroll Functions

20 August 2000 Jeff Banks to design new clothing range for Sainsbury's

14 August 2000 Sainsbury's becomes first UK Supermarket to sell cars

1 August 2000 Sainsbury's crack egg problem

26 July 2000 First Quarter Trading Statement

25 July 2000 Sainsbury's Releases Further Value From Store Portfolio

11 July 2000 Sainsbury's planning £125 million housing and leisure facility alongside London store

28 June 2000 Sainsbury's and Shell to trial forecourt convenience stores

7 June 2000 Sainsbury's creates new team to handpick locally produced foods from all corners of the UK

31 May 2000 Preliminary Results 2000

23 May 2000 Sainsbury's create closer links with British farmers with launch of Partnership in Fresh Food

18 May 2000 Sainsbury's - First UK Food Retailer To Hold Global On line Reverse Auction

9 May 2000 Sainsbury's hold its first auction on GlobalNetXchange

13 April 2000 Minister Welcomes Sainsbury's EMAS Registration

13 April 2000 Fourth Quarter Trading Statement

12 April 2000 Supermarket rebrands its home-shopping service bringing 'Sainsbury's to You'

11 April 2000 Sainsbury's and Dairy Farmers Update 11.04.00

March 2000 Sainsbury's lands catch of the day with world's first sustainable seafood