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Issue of quarterly newsletter for staff at Sainsbury's London headquarters (Blackfriars and Streatham offices). Illustrated with black and white photographs. 12 pages.

Contains the following articles:
‘Crossing Secured for Stamford Street’ – traffic light controlled crossing planned.
‘Curtain Twitchers to the Stars’ – Michael Jackson sighted at Express building opposite Drury House
‘On Course for Health and Safety’ – six health and safety reps appointed
‘PC TIPS’ – PC advice
‘Appointments’ – three new appointments
‘Focus on Facilities’ – facilities developments
‘Security Operation Goes to Contract Staff’ – review of Head Office security
‘Big Screen News’ – film reviews
‘In a Stew Over OXO Tower’ – OXO tower development
‘Sporting Life’ – recruitment for sporting activities
‘Separated at Birth’ – likeness to personalities
‘Please Give Generously’ – Blood Transfusion Service
‘Darryl has a way with Words’ – word competition results
‘Office Talk Astro Guide’ – Astrology update
‘Giant to Matoes …’ – Comic Relief Day reports
‘Volunteers Wanted’ – Down’s Syndrome Association plea for volunteers
‘Explaining those Tax Codes’ – tax codes explained
‘Pigeon Hole’ – letters column
‘All the World’s a Stage’ – discounts on local theatre productions
‘Retirements’ – three retirements reported
‘How does your Garden Grow’ – Executive Club report
‘Notice Board’ – announcements page