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Issue of quarterly newsletter for staff at Sainsbury's London headquarters (Blackfriars and Streatham offices). Illustrated with colour photographs. 12 pages.

Contains the following articles:
‘Genesis Latest’ – Sainsbury’s head office declared the most environmentally friendly office
‘Clearer phone book uses Mind’ – new style phone book introduced for the switchboard
‘Talk Talk – Office Talk survey highlights’
‘Genesis – The Statement’ – statement on restructure
‘Staff restaurant solves sticky problem’ – one day closure of staff restaurant
‘Collective Wisdom’ – Individual Learning Centre asks for donations
‘Focus on Facilities’ – update staff facilities
‘Investing in the South Bank’ – Ian Coull talks about local development in Blackfriars
‘The Post Must Get Through …’ – post room article
‘PC Tips’ – tips on computer best practice
‘Got the bottle for the Executive Club’ - update on latest meeting
‘Sporting Life’ – sporting activities update
‘Tell the Truth’ – Q&A for colleagues
‘Big Screen Little Screen’ – colleagues review latest films
‘Letters’ – colleague letters
‘Marketplace’ – personal sales forum