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Issue of quarterly newsletter for staff at Sainsbury's London headquarters (Blackfriars and Streatham offices). Illustrated with colour photographs. 8 pages.

Contains the following articles:
‘All will be revealed’ – Stamford House renovation
‘Puff, wheeze, cough…aaah’ – advice on giving up smoking
‘Into the blue’ – new office bins
‘Focus on Facilities’ – update staff facilities
‘Appointments’ – management promotions
‘Tell the truth’ – David Adler answers questions
‘Ain’t misbehaving’ theatre review and ticket offers
‘Sally tucks into new restaurant job’ – new restaurant manager
‘The biggest little shop’ – new manager for staff shop
‘Mouthpiece’ – staff restaurant suggestion box
‘King of pharmacies’ – new general manager Pharmacies appointment
‘Big film on video’ – film review
‘Cosi fan tutti’ – opera review
‘Opinion’ – smoker and proud of it
‘Retirements’ – two members of staff retire
‘Marathon results’ – staff run London Marathon
‘Cricket’ – invitation to play for Sainsbury’s
‘Don’t go soft on us’ – searching for JS soft ball teams
‘Letters’ – two colleague letters and replies
‘Marketplace’ – personal sales forum
‘Amnesia outbreak’ – advice on locking your PC