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Issue of quarterly newsletter for staff at Sainsbury's London headquarters (Blackfriars and Streatham offices). Illustrated with colour photographs. 12 pages.

Contains the following articles:
‘Ticket to Ride’ – National Motor Museum at Beaulieu provides special passes to visit. Includes early replica of Sainsbury’s store frontage.
‘Dance delights at a discount’ – sponsorship of dance piece at the Greenwich Dance Agency.
‘On track for success’ – sponsored Special Olympics.
‘Goodbye 921 your days are numbered’ – new telephone handsets.
‘Drury House refit rolls on’ – refit continues.
‘Mermaid House good move or bad?’ – 270 staff relocated
‘New desktop system for head office’ – improved desktop environment
‘Recycling success’ – head office has beaten its recycling target.
‘Everything’s under Control’ – Millennium Bug update.
‘The intranet – coming soon to a screen near you’ – JSNET investigation.
‘Festival Fever’ – South Bank cross-cultural experience.
‘Enjoy OXO with a bigger choice of food’ – Oxo Tower Wharf to get another eatery.
‘It’s barbecue season!’ – recipe ideas.
‘Food for Thought’ – catering manager Q&A.
‘A sign of the Times’ – sign language course for head office staff.
‘Well run dad’ – sponsored marathon run.
‘What a Knockout’ – It’s a Knockout competition.
‘The holiday from Hell’ – worst nightmare holiday stories.
‘Tell the truth’ – Charlie Davey answers questions.
‘Marketplace’ – staff sales forum.