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    Happy Birthday to Mr. John
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    Self-service Gets a Big Welcome at Kentish Town
    Page 16
    Jubilees for J, S. Branches 1956
    Page 18
    How Many People?
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    A Canadian Shopping Centre
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  • Happy Birthday to Mr. John 03

    JANUARY 8TH, 1956 ON January 8th Mr. John celebrated his 85th birthday. We are sure that everyone in the firm, and our many other readers and friends, will join us in offering him our warmest wishes on this occasion which...

  • Self-service Gets a Big Welcome at Kentish Town 05

    On Monday, December 5th, at 5.30 p.m., poultryman Herbert Pither closed the shutters of 194 Kentish Town for the last time. Mr. Pither joined J.S. in February 1919 as a delivery lad and worked at 194 until December 5th. ...

  • Jubilees for J.S. Branches 1956 18

    A view of the interior of 159 Queen's Crescent, originally a dairy and the founder's first step in expansion. At the counter is Mrs. MacDonald. IN 1956 one J.S. branch celebrates its 80th birthday. 159 Queen's Crescent, the...

  • How many people ? 20

    B. T. Ramm, J. S. statistician, in this article outlines the nature of the problem and some possible solutions. EACH year the number of people in the world increases by about 35 million, a figure not far short of the present...

  • Lewisham: A survey of its engineering problems 29

    The third and concluding article of a series edited by Mr. A. O. Rickman. Refrigeration - G. H. Kent The whole back wall of the shop at Lewisham is occupied by these nine refrigerated wall-cabinets. " Mark my words ! In...

  • To The Editor of "The Times" 35

    To THE EDITOR OF " THE TIMES " SIR, The leading article on the subject of Aldershot, in The Times of the 6th inst., reminds me of the confessions of an old Peninsular Guardsman, with whom I formerly travelled in Spain. John...

  • A Canadian Shopping Centre 36

    Recently returned from a visit to the United States and Canada, Mr. J. D. Sainsbury contributes a short note on Canadian self-service methods and shop design, illustrated with photographs he took on the spot MORE cars,...

  • Collier Row 43

    Situated near Romford in an area partly developed before the war and nowbeing extended, the main carcase work of these premises is nearing completion. One of our smaller self-service stores, the floor area is only just ...

  • Harold Hill 44

    Built for us by the L.C.C. on its new estate of 27,000 inhabitants, this new branch will be ready shortly for all the finishing trades to move in. The shop has a floor space of 3,000 sq. ft. and has staff house and hostel...

  • Whist at Blackfriars 44

    These are our first pictures of this popular Christmas event at which members of all sections and many branches join in. The visitors this year included so many from so many different sections of the firm, as well as many...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 47

    The following notes are compiled from letters we have received from our men on
    National Service since our last publication :—
    A. W. BRUCE, 14 Hastings. Germany (Army). Now undergoing a...

  • Obituary 47

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues :—
    Miss B. SALTER, who joined the factory staff at Blackfriars in October, 1941,
    had been absent since April 1955, died on the 16th December, 1955....

  • Staff Moves and Promotions 47

    We are pleased to record the following promotions :—•
    E. Garrod 48 Ipswich as Spare Manager
    V. T. Hermon of Battersea
    A. E. Stapley of 87/9 Balham
    L. B. Hessey...

  • 'J' Section Social 48

    'J' Section Social
    Our pictures show ' ] ' Section's recent
    social at Purley. Top left—Mrs. Swift
    of Purley serving tea. At
    the window is Miss Driscoll of
    73 Croydon. Above are some of the
    company enjoying...

  • Farewell Party at Brighton 49

    Farewell Party at Brighton
    When Mr. A. G. Butcher of 3 Hove
    retired he was given a farewell
    dinner at Howards Pavilion Restaurant
    where the proprietor is Mr. W. E.
    Kelsey, himself an ex J.S. manager.
    Above are, reading...

  • K, Y and R Dance at Wembley 50

    K, Y and R Dance at Wembley
    Some 600 members and friends
    danced at Wembley Town Hall last
    October. Above are two of the
    many parties who attended. Left :
    Mr. Ellis with guests, and, right, Mrs.
    Peacock, ' Y ' section...

  • Turkeys at Lewisham 51

    Turkeys at Lewisham. A few minutes before opening time, December 23rd, 1955.