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    Progress in the Ealing Conversion
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    Mercenaries at Table
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    One Man's Meat
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    Making Sausages at Blackfriars
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    Veterans Gather
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    S. E. Smith
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    Big Kitchen
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    New Training...

  • Progress in the Ealing Conversion 03

    Ealing's conversion to self-service is now beginning to take shape. The original shop suffered air raid damage and the new shop includes an additional site. The front will be one of our best-looking shops when complete. ...

  • Mercenaries at Table 08

    IT was at Megara, a suburb of Carthage, in the gardens of Hamilcar. The soldiers whom he had commanded in Sicily were having a great feast to celebrate the anniversary of the battle of the Eryx. They stretched themselves on the...

  • One Man's Meat 09

    The humble escargot and how it has become transformed by the chef's art into the epicure's delight O F all the curious dishes that men eat, the one which gives the average Englishman a special sort of creeps is the dish of...

  • Making Sausages at Blackfriars 14

    An outline in pictures of the manufacturing process, showing some of the people whose jobs contribute to the daily output of J.S. sausages. Daily supplies of fresh pork come into the factory and are unloaded at the bank....

  • Veterans Gather 25

    Blackfriars saw a grand turnout of J.S. Veterans at this year's annual Reunion and Concert. Above, Mr. Gurr is making his report on behalf of the committee. L. to r. they are Messrs. Battams, Baker, Wright, Hopker, Gurr, Atkins...

  • S. E. Smith 30

    Bora November U/h, 1882 Died March 9 th, 1956 WE regret to announce the death of S. E. Smith who joined the firm in October, 1898 and served with us for forty-five years, retiring in September, 1943. Since then he lived...

  • Big Kitchen 32

    A recent article in the J.S. Journal about the great chef 1 [scoffer has stirred the memory of Mr. M. Rice of our branch at Ports lade, who for a time worked as a cook in the kitchens of a big restaurant. We asked him to tell...

  • New Training Centre and Personnel Department 36

    The general office of the Personnel Department. Joiners at work on panelling. The entrance to the new personnel block will be from Blackfriars Road. From r. Mr. Thompson, Clerk of the Works for Willetts, with Mr....

  • J.S. Drivers' Club Dinner 38

    Left: Mr. K. Jackson of the Transport & General Workers' Union making a farewell speech before taking up a new appointment in another district. To the left in this picture are Mr. W. Gillett, Transport Supervisor, and Mr. P. E....

  • 'A' Section Bring in the New Year at Blackfriars 43

    Blackfriars saw one of its gayest dances ever, when 'A' Section saw the New Year in with a loud and reverberating bang. The fun was fast, furious and continuous and 1956 got a wonderful welcome. High spirits were...

  • Intent to Murder 46

    The Stamford Players January Production Opening at Kenton on January 11th, followed by a show at Brighton on January 14, and two nights at Toynbee Hall on January 18th and 19th, the Stamford Players in Intent to Murder put on...

  • Croydon's Get-together 49

    Our pictures on this page are from Croydon's combined Christmas and New Year party which went with a big bang from start to finish under the lively leadership of M.C. Mr. Stanley who kept the pace going for a full and...

  • Two Children's Parties 50

    A wonderful afternoon of eating and drinking followed by fun and games with the Crazy Gang took place at the January 7th party organised by ' X ' Section. Party Games were the thing at the ' V ' and ' 0 ' Sections'...

  • 'G' Section's Blackfriars Dance 54

    ' G ' Section's very successful dance was held at Blackfriars on February 4th. Dancing was to Fred Rees and his band, and as can be seen from our pictures, everyone had a fine time. Left: Mr T. A. Reeve, Manager of...

  • 'K', 'Y' and 'R' Dance 57

    On St. Valentine's day at Wembley Town Hall, 'K',' Y' and ' R' gathered 800 strong to dance to Chris Store's Orchestra. It was a lively dance. On the right Superintendent Mr. Lamb presents a raffle prize and, below, a...

  • At Bournemouth 58

    Bournemouth's Christmas Dance on December 10 drew guests from other South Coast branches. A very enjoyable evening's entertainment was the verdict of all the guests. Left Mr. S. Trewhella, then chairman of Southbourne...

  • Ilford's Happy Party 59

    Ilford's children's party on January 5th entertained and fed to bursting point seventyfive cheerful children. Homegoing, after the party, was in thick smog and relays of cars with guides on foot took two-and-a-half hours to...

  • 'L' Section's Party 60

    Saturday night, February 4th, saw ' L ' Section holding a lively social evening at The Rose, Camberwell. Prize winner Mr. Preedy looked completely baffled when Mr. Palfrey presented him with a' large-scale raffle prize....

  • Bognor and Peckham Celebrate 61

    Above: Bognor's Christmas party was a great and hectic success. Guests of the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Warwick of Goring Road. Below: Rye Lane held their annual dinner party at the Griffin Clubhouse. A recent bereavement...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 62

    We are pleased to record the following promotions :
    J. Miles
    J. Enfield
    B. E. T. Powell
    W. J. Patten
    K. Newton
    L. Jones
    A. Bastin
    D. Keen

  • A Miniature Hen's Egg 63

    From Kenton branch
    comes this picture of
    a miniature hen's egg
    alongside a standardsized
    one. The tiny
    egg was taken from a
    boiling fowl, weighed
    a quarter of an
    ounce and was
    perfectly formed.

  • Marriages 63

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss B. Leach (13/15 Blackfriars) and Mr. N. E. Hedger (Drury Lane)
    Miss G. Pratt (14 Hove) and Mr. G. Saunders (3 Brighton)
    Miss P....

  • Congratulations 64

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes tor-
    Miss M. K. Carson, 1st Clerk, Mill Hill, who completed 25 years' service
    on 9th February last.

  • Obituary 64

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues:—
    Mr. A. H. Britton, joined the Depot as a Post Messenger in January, 1952,
    died in Westminster Hospital on January 8th, 1956. We would like to...

  • Retirements 64

    We wish the following colleagues health and happiness in their retirement:—•
    Mr. F. Loveless (14 years at the Depot Warehouse)
    Mrs. E. Moore (7 years in the Factory)
    Mrs. E. Wilson (11 years in the Factory)

  • Summer Expedition 64

    Summer Expedition
    The Oxford University Expedition to North East land sends us this
    picture of one of their drilling stations. The expedition, towards
    which the firm made a small contribution, spent the summer months
    last year...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 65

    The following are notes from a few of the letters ire have received recently from our
    men in the Services :—
    K. G. OWF.N, llaytrards Heath. Aldershot (Army). Has now completed...

  • The National Trust 67

    To members of the S.S.A. there are now available thirty Corporate Membership Cards of the National Trust. These cards, a gift from J.S. Directors, entitle holders to visit, free of charge, any of the properties under the care...

  • Aberdeen Angus Sales at Perth, February 1956 68

    Our pictures from Perth show Mr. Alan talking with Charles Edward, manager of our Kinermony herd, on what looks like a pretty cold day. Below, Mr. Edward is leading round one of our entrants in the show ring. This bull...