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    Impressions from the U.S.A.
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    The Lilies of Kamchatka
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    Butter from Holland
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    Packing Eggs at Wisbech
    Page 22
    For the Love of Mike
    Page 24
    Six-a-side Football Finals
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    Mr. Odell Retires ...

  • Impressions from the U.S.A. 03

    Mr. J. Woods, head of J.S. Merchandising Dept., writes about his recent trip to the United States and his impressions of retailing and of produce marketing there. Mr. Woods and a friend in Arizona beside a giant saguaro...

  • The Lilies of Kamchatka 18

    THE root is of the bulbous kind and resembles in shape that of garlic, being much of the same size but rounder and having, like that, four or five cloves hanging together. The plant grows wild and in considerable abundance. The...

  • Butter from Holland 19

    Mr. R. Buisman writes about his long and friendly association with the firm and the growth of trade in Mr. Buisman. THE latest official Dutch reports state that the best Dutch butter is made in the Northern part of...

  • Packing Eggs at Wisbech 22

    The new France Oeuf package for eggs which gives good visibility as well as protection to the eggs it contains. THE knotty problem of how best to pack and sell eggs in a self-service shop is one that has long been having...

  • For the Love of Mike 24

    LATEST venture of the Stamford Players is the farce, " For the Love of Mike," which they put on with considerable verve at Toynbee Hall on May 9th. The show, produced by Val Dever, went down well with a very appreciative...

  • Six-a-side Football at Dulwich 26

    Good Friday was a cold and dreary day but in spite of the weather nearly 300 supporters turned up to the six-a-side football competition for the Sainsbury Cup at Dulwich. They saw an afternoon of very lively sport. Six-a-side...

  • Referee C. Odell Retires 29

    A Valued Friend at Griffin Football Mr. C. Odell FOLLOWERS of Griffin football will all remember Mr. Odell, who after a very long career as a referee, has decided to retire at the end of this season. He has been a referee...

  • Redhill 31

    New building has recently been completed at our Redhill branch. Both shops have been extended to take in space at the rear and No. 32 has been turned into a butchers' shop with a new cold store at the back. A new warehouse has ...

  • Norwich Branch Expanding 36

    Above is a general view of Norwich branch. In foreground is the fresh meat department with chilled display counter. Mr. Rump and Mr. Wright behind the counter. . Left: two views of the formerly disused basement at the ...

  • A House of One's Own 38

    In the first of two articles Mr. ARON of J.S. Estates Department explains the relations between some of the people involved in a house purchase and warns of traps that lie in wait for the too impetuous buyer The...

  • Table Tennis 44

    Brightest yet Finals at Blackfriars Left : Mrs. A. McQuillan • Q " and, right, Miss J. Coldrick of Ashford, in the first round of the Ladies' Singles. Mrs. McQuillan beat last year's runner-up in a great match, 18-21,...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 49

    IP'e are pleased to record the following promotions :—
    G. Hunt
    G. P. Armstrong
    K. G. Hvans
    T. Dean
    F. Green

  • Congratulations 50

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to:
    Miss P. M. Ireland, First Clerk, Guildford, who has completed twenty-five
    years' service with the Firm.

  • Marriages 50

    We offer our best wishes for their future happiness to the following members of the
    Vactory Staff;—
    and Mr. D. Thomas
    and Mr. W. Elwood
    and Mr. L. Reid
    and Mr. F. Smith
    and Mr. F....

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    The following are extracts from some of the letters we have received from men on
    National Service since our last issue:—
    A. HOLLO WAY, Kingsbury. Windsor (Army). He has been...

  • Obituary 51

    We regret to record the deaths of the following colleagues:—
    MR. W. R. BAGGALKY, was engaged in May, 1929, at the Depot where he
    worked in various departments and was employed in the Empties Department
    at the time...

  • Winner 52

    Winner of the Ford 10 h.p. Saloon at the Empress Hall Dance on April 21st was Mr. A. Usher of "V" Section (Maintenance). Seen here coming in to receive his prize and below about to be driven away in it. Mr. Usher is now...