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    Collier Row
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    Chess Men
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    The Gastronomical Exile
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    1956 Darts Final
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    Balham's Walter Cup Win
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    Dance of the Year
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    Labour Mayors at Blackfriars
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    Raising the Money

  • Collier Row 03

    A smooth, hitch-free opening at Collier Row on May 14th set the tone for this new self-service store which everyone agrees is one of our best yet of the small-scale shops. Collier Row, north of Romford, is an area which was...

  • Chess Men 11

    On April 10th the S.S.A. Chess Group met in the officials' dining room at Blackfriars to present prizes and review a successful year's development. Pictures on this page show some of the winners, but regrettably absent was...

  • The Gastronomical Exile 12

    A success story of 18th century London told by Brillat-Savarin in THE PHYSIOLOGY OF TASTE THIS is the tale of a Frenchman who made his fortune in London through his skill in mixing salad. He was a Limousin and his name,...

  • 1956 Darts Finals 15

    Singles champions. This year's champion, W. Mayes of Haverhill, holds up the GurrCup. Runner-up J. Ingall (left) was cup winner last year. Mayes won a very closely fought final. I9S6 Darts Finals were held at...

  • Balham win Walter Cup at Royal Oak Finals 19

    April 11th saw a good turn-out of competitors and spectators at the Royal Oak, New Maiden, to see the grand finals of the Walter Cup. The winners, seen above, were Balham, who fought their way steadily towards the cup in...

  • Dance of the Year 22

    Pictures on this and the following pages show the Dance of the Year on April 21st at the Empress Hall. It was a crowded, colourful, lively and exciting night that will be long remembered in the firm. Nearly six thousand guests...

  • Labour Mayors at Blackfriars 38

    On April 26th last some members of the Association of London Labour Mayors paid a visit to Blackfriars. They spent most of the afternoon looking over the Factory and the Grocery Packing section of the Warehouse and after...

  • Raising the Money 40

    A House of One's Own - Part Two In this article, Mr. ARON, Manager of J.S. Estate Department, discusses the economics of house purchase from the buyer's point of view IT was quite common in the 1930's to see on the...

  • Brighton's Bright Social 47

    Brighton's Bright Social took place on March 21st at the Arnold House Hotel. Above are Mr. Clarke (manager of Luton), Mr. Johnson (of Portslade), and Mr. Morris (of 66 Brighton), with their wives. Above is Mr. Elliott,...

  • From Walsall 49

    From Walsall comes this picture of the J.S. Branch Staff there. They
    are, from left to right, standing : Mrs. I. Coles, Mrs. M. Hughes,
    Mr. J. Davies, Mrs. J. Hoare, Miss M. Higgins, Mr. J. Turner, Mrs. S.
    Hoare, Mr. J. Morris,...

  • Marriages 49

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss J. Singleton (18 Walthamstow) and Mr. M. Franks (154 Walthamstow).

  • Movements and Promotions 49

    The following transfers will be of interest to many members of the staff:—
    E. Garrod from 48 Ipswich (Spare List) to Berkhamsted
    A. J. Oakes from 51 Ipswich to 48...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    The following are notes from a few of the letters we hare received recently from our
    men in the Services :—
    F. A. POPE, Bournemouth. Dorchester (Army). The remainder of the
    Battalion is...

  • Obituary 50

    We very much regret to rerun/ the death of the following colleagues :—
    MR. C. E. YJKO, who joined the factory in 1915, -and retired in 1940, died
    on May 11th, 1956. We would like to express our deepest sympathy...

  • Collier Row 51

    A general view of the new J.S. branch in Essex. A series of pictures of this branch begins on page 1 of this issue.