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    New England Express
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    Parson Woodforde's Rival
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    A Day at Luton
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    The Sun Shone at Southsea
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    County Show
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    The Grey Coat's Lament
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    Canning Australian Sunshine
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    Cricket at...

  • New England Express 03

    A Dominion Stores hoarding advertising chicken. W. M. Justice, Manager of J.S. Meat and Poultry Department, writes about his recent visit to the United States IT is a commonplace that one half of the world does not know ...

  • Parson Woodforde's Rival 16

    Some forty years ago I paid a flying visit to the cure of Bregm'er, a man of great stature, whose appetite was renowned throughout the district. Although it was hardly midday when I arrived, I found him seated at table. He had...

  • A Day at Luton 17

    Luton Branch, George Street, Luton. First opened in 1926 (see back cover) the branch at first occupied only the shop in the right half of the picture. The extension is a later addition made in 1936. ROUND THE BRANCHES NO. 1 ...

  • The Sun Shone at Southsea for J.S. Veterans 26

    This group includes nearly all who went on the trip from Blackfriars on June 26th. There were 220 in this party who were joined at Southsea by about 30 others from South Coast towns. H.M.S. Victory, in neighbouring...

  • County Show 32

    j.s. at Ipswich At the Suffolk County Show on June 6th at Ipswich J.S. took part with a stand similar to those used last year with success at the Essex and Norfolk shows. Above is a general view of the grounds. Below: Mr....

  • The Grey Coat's Lament 38

    I'm just a little old grey coat Hanging oil the wall, My sleeves are frayed, my seams are burst, I don't look well at all. My span of life is eighteen months, At least that's what they say, But no one seems to understand ...

  • Canning Australian Sunshine 39

    The photograph above shows part of a stack of cans al Northgate Cannery, Queensland, where they use 1,450 cans a minute. Our article below gives a short account of Australia's growing fruit canning industry and its connexion...

  • Cricket at Calne 46

    Trophy again held by J.S. IN 1947 the Firm presented a trophy for annual competition against C. & T. Harris, the bacon curers of Calne in Wiltshire, to serve as a reminder of the spirit of co-operation in which the staff of...

  • Southampton 48

    Taken just before Mr. Wrench left Southampton to become District
    Supervisor, our picture shows the staff there assembled on the
    roof with him. Mr. P. A. Snow is now manager at Southampton.

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 48

    We are pleased to record the following promotions :—
    L. Wrench of Southampton
    F. A. Newbury
    F. W. Philpot
    C. E. Barwick
    G. H. Allan
    W. E. Saxby
    W. H....

  • Congratulations 49

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to :—
    Miss R. Rugman, First Clerk at 9/11 Croydon, and Miss K. Cartwright, of
    the Staff Catering Department at Blackfriars, who have completed 25 years'
    service with the Firm.

  • Marriages 49

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss E. Cockrane (Drury Lane) and Mr. R. Cooper (Hoxton)
    Miss J. Stunt (Willesden Green) and Mr. L. Button (Willesden Green)
    Miss V....

  • Obituary 49

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues :—
    Mr. J. F. Seabright, who was a driver in the Transport Department, joined
    the Firm in October, 1931. He died on June 23rd, 1956, after a long...

  • Retirements 49

    On July 1st of this year the following members of the staff retired:—
    Miss E. M. Bateman, engaged in April, 1919, and retired as the First Clerk
    at 51 Baling.
    Miss E. Bonas, engaged in May, 1918, and was a...

  • Emergency Feeding Exhibition 50

    At work on an improvised cooker three members of the Industrial
    Catering Association (London Branch) at the Emergency Feeding
    Exhibition. They are from 1. to r., Miss J. L. Jakeman of J.S., Miss R.
    Spyer of Brand & Co., and...

  • Game to the end 50

    Game to the end
    A red-legged partridge walked into the Church Street,
    Croydon, branch of Messrs. J. Sainsbury on Wednesday
    morning. The bird went behind the counter and was picked
    up by a member of the staff.
    Miss Patricia...

  • Horticultural Show 51

    The Horticultural Show will be held at Dulwich again this year, on Saturday and Sunday August 25th and 26th. The judging of the entries takes place on the Saturday, after which the Show is open for inspection from approximately...

  • Luton branch 52

    This photograph shows Luton branch on the day it opened, January 29th, 1926. It is a picture of particular interest since the camera caught Mr. John unawares coming out of the shop. He can be seen towards the right wearing a...