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    At Coventry
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    A New Design for Shopping
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    Flowers, Fruit and Veg.
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    Tennis at Dulwich
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    Friends of the People
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    Local Government
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    J.S. News in Pictures
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    Staff Movements and...

  • At Coventry 03

    Our Coventry branch is in Trinity Street and was opened in 1938. The terrace is part of a pre-war rebuilding scheme. ROUND THE BRANCHES NO.2 WHEN our photographer arrived one Tuesday morning at Trinity Street Coventry...

  • A New Design for Shopping 13

    The levelling stone in the Coventry precinct used as a central survey point is engraved with a phoenix symbolising the resurgence of the new town from the ashes of the 1940 blitz. Our branch in Smithford Street stood almost on...

  • Flowers, Fruit and Veg 18

    A young visitor to the Flower Show takes a look at the display of prize dahlias. Mr. F. Bastie, 1., secretary of the S.S.A. Horticultural Group, discusses some of the exhibits with, 1. to r., Messrs. A. Loud, R. Loud and H....

  • Tennis at Dulwich 21

    1956 hasn't provided much good tennis weather and if you weren't playing in the semi-finals it was wise to wrap up well. Above are, 1. to r'., Miss R. Holden, Miss K. Maynard and L. Potter. Below is Dulwich looking very stormy...

  • Friends of the People 24

    Lewis's, Liverpool in 1885. Lewis's of Liverpool was founded a hundred years ago. The story of the firm's development into one of Britain's largest retail undertakings is a fascinating piece of social history. THE growth...

  • Local Government 36

    A survey of the way we elect our local government bodies and of how they carry out their work. By A. Biddlecombe, Manager of 1-4 Ealing. FOR many years now members of local government authorities have been appointed by...

  • J.S. News in Pictures 44

    From Australia comes this latest picture of Mrs. Nellie Harvey who is now 92 years old and senior J.S. veteran. Mrs. Harvey worked at one time in Mr. J. J. Sainsbury's office and Mr. John whose photograph can be seen on the...

  • Marriages 49

    F'Vrv best wishes for their future happiness to ;—
    Miss P. Osborne (Kingsbury) and Mr. H. W. Franklin (160 Cricklewood).
    Miss R. Harper and Mr. P. J. Cawlev of Colchester.
    Miss j ....

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 49

    II e are pleased to re
    A. W. Smith
    1;. I I. Molvneux
    A. j . Mott
    L. Chant
    L. C. Pleasance
    L. L. Hughes
    C. F. Curtis
    1. ). Yanhuvsse
    \*. Thome
    R. MacDonald
    11. M....

  • Congratulations 50

    Heartiest congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. A. Wade who celebrated their
    Golden Wedding Anniversary on August 28th. Mr. Wade retired from
    Forest Hill in 1946 after completing 42 years' service.

  • Obituary 50

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues :—
    Mrs. M. Feeney, Saleswoman of 14/15 Leytonstone, who had joined us in
    July, 1955, died on July 10th, 1956. We extend sincerest sympathy to...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 51

    J be folio/ring are notes fro/// a for of ibe Idlers we hare received recently from o/ir
    ///en in the Scr/'iccs :—
    P. II. ASHMAN, 43 ifjifie/d. Paris (Army). Recently visited...

  • Demolition at Blackfriars 52

    The last of Wakefield House. New warehouse premises will be built on the site of these rapidly disappearing remains of the original Sainsbury property in Rennie Street (formerly Bennett Street).