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    Harold Hill, New J.S. Self Service Store
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    J . S . Veterans Find the Sun
    Page 19
    An Outing from the Warehouse, 1925
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    Hemel Hempstead
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    Watney Street
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    Transatlantic Compliment
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    Sugar Bush...

  • Harold Hill, New J.S. Self Service Store 03

    Early morning at Harold Hill sees the new branch full of customers whose families wait patiently, and sometimes less patiently, on the broad pavement of the shopping centre. FIFTEENTH self service store in the growing list of...

  • J.S. Veterans Find the Sun at Heme Bay 15

    Gathering at Blackfriars on September 4th. J.S. Veterans picked fair weather for their second outing this year. Mr. A. E. Snow chats to Miss N. Dudman. Does any reader know the link between these two well-known J.S....

  • An Outing from the Warehouse 1925 21

    Mr. J. Minter of the warehouse sends us this souvenir of a day's outing to Pulborough in 1925. From left to right the passengers are Messrs. Sibley, Guildford, Dunlevy, Standish, Fuller, Botting, Paulin, Davie, Manley, Osborne,...

  • Hemel Hempstead 22

    A general view of the new shop looking towards the main entrance. The workers are fixing expansion strips before laying the mosaic floor. The ceiling is of a new type, completely illuminated and without natural light. Hemel ...

  • Watney Street 24

    New manager and old manager. On the left Mr. N. Barrance, who has just take-over managership of Watney Street, and, right, Mr. W. Guest who is now manager at 114 Ilford. ROUND THE BRANCHES NO. 3 One ]of the firm's earliest...

  • Transatlantic Compliment 33

    To whom it may concern. MY friends have asked me to write and let you know how famous your pork sausages are. I have just returned to Canada from England after two months' holiday. While staying with my sister in Hove, Sussex,...

  • Sugar Bush 34

    Maple trees are tapped for sap in the early spring. This worker is collecting sap from cans fixed on the tree. From MissB. C. Stevens of Amersham comes this account of a visit to a " sugaring-off" in Quebec's Gatineau Hills. ...

  • Mr. Farrow retires 38

    Mr. S. F. Farrow. A recent picture taken at Watney Street. A brief account of his long and active career with the firm. WHEN Mr. S. F. Farrow retired this year from the post of Area Superintendent the firm lost from...

  • B.B.C. at Stamford House 43

    T.V. viewers who looked in at Panorama on October 15th will have seen Mr. Alan talking with Woodrow Wyatt who was asking him about resale price maintenance. In the discussion Mr. Alan said he felt that manufacturers were on a ...

  • J.S. Personnel Department Move 44

    Personnel move out and Above : 1. to r. Mr. G. W. Smith, Mr. L. C. Kearley andMr.A.J.Waller discuss a detail. Left : In background, Mr. H. Ellis and Mr. S. J. Pope. Foreground, Messrs. Abethel, Rooney, Bland ...

  • Mr. Alan's sons 49

    On October 1st Mr. Alan's sons, Mr. Simon (left) and Mr. Timothy
    (centre) and Mr. F. W. Salisbury's son Derek (right) began work
    with the firm. Mr. Simon is a Chartered Accountant and after a
    short general introduction to the...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 49

    We are pleased to record the following promotions:—
    from 13/15 Blackfriars to 819 Goodmayes
    from Lewisham to Catford Hill
    from 609 Lea Bridge Road to 560 Leytonstone
    H. T. Standen
    H. A....

  • Congratulations 50

    CONGRATUIATIONS and best wishes to :—
    Miss R. IX Hamel, First Clerk at 24 Brighton, who has completed 25
    years' service with the Firm,

  • Retirements 50

    The following members of the staff have just retired:—
    MR. F. C. KNOCK retired from the active management of Fordham Fgg
    Packing Station on July 1st, 1956, Mr. Knock was engaged by Mr. Frank
    Satnsbury in 1912 and...

  • Obituary 51

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues:—
    MR. P. KING, who was Leading Butcher at Bedford, engaged in 1953.
    Died on October 2nd, 1956, following a long absence. We extend our

  • Down in Watney Street 52

    This typical^East End market street was chosen as a likely trading area by Mr. J. J. Sainsbury when he opened one of the firm's earliest branches there in 1872. The branch has a long history of vigorous trade and carried on...