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    Hemel Hempstead, A New Branch
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    Top Cheese
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    Badminton or Ballet ?
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    Country Sections Dance
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    A New Supermarket in Haarlem
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    K, Y & R Dance
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    As Long as They're Happy
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  • Hemel Hempstead 03

    The front of the new store which is in Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead's main shopping centre. A New Branch in a New Town The firm's new self service store at Hemel Hempstead opened on October 23rd, 1956. The store is a roomy...

  • Top Cheese 17

    On display in our Chelsea branch last month were the Commonwealth's two best Cheddar cheeses, made by the Farmer's Joy Cheese Factory, Ontario, Canada, winners of the Bledisloe Challenge Trophy and of the Hansen Challenge...

  • Badminton or Ballet ? 18

    Badminton is now an established and popular; game at Blackfriars where the section meets' on Wednesdays to keep their figures trim and enjoy four or five hours of lively play. Some twenty-five to thirty members keep the ...

  • Country Sections Dance in Town 20

    From the Country Sections of the S.S.A. there was a fine turn-out of parties for their first dance of the season at Blackfriars on October 27th. As our camera records there was every kind of dance going on at one time or...

  • A New Supermarket in Haarlem 30

    The market square in the town of Haarlem. The opening day of the new store coincided with the yearly procession held in honour of St. Nicholas and for the occasion thousands of the population, including children, turned out in...

  • K, Y & R Dance 38

    K, Y and R Sections joint dance on October 22nd was held at Wembley Town Hall and was attended by about 800 members and guests. The dance floor as can be seen above was kept cornfortably full. at Wembley Town Hall Another...

  • As Long as They're Happy 42

    The producer, cast and back-stage team line up together after the Stamford Players lively version of "As Long as They're Happy." From 1. to r. in the back row: Derek Tremelling, Leslie Kearley, Les Gowers, Albert Appleby, Tony...

  • J.S. Jubilees 44

    DIAMOND JUBILEES in 1957 are celebrated by four J.S. branches. In 1897 the firm started trading at 17 Forest Gate, 114 Ilford, 122 Croydon and 43 Islington. It was a busy year in London, being Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee,...

  • Watford Section at Watford Town Hall 45

    The flashes and bangs of the ' 5th ' gave way to bright lights and music on the 6fh of November when Watford held their Section dance at Watford Town Hall. The Debonnaires' Dance Orchestra provided After the interval Johnny...

  • Movements and Promotions 48

    Movements and Promotions
    The following transfers mil be of interest to many members of the staff:—
    C. T. Carter from Spare List to Aveley on opening
    A. S. Hagger from 140 Finchley Road to Aveley...

  • Congratulations 49

    Congratulations and best wishes to :—
    Miss K. E. White, Saleswoman at East Grinstcad, who has completed 25
    years' service with the Firm.
    Congratulations to Miss E. Coulson, Mr. Alan's Secretary, who has been
    awarded the...

  • Marriages 49

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to:—•
    Miss S. Skermer (Wealdstone) and Mr. J. Colston (Kenton)
    Miss D. Peacock (Forty Avenue) and Mr. F. Gill (Forty Avenue)
    Miss M....

  • Obituary 49

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues and
    we extend our deepest sympathy to all relatives :—
    Miss K. Brand who retired in October, 1934 died in November 1956. She
    joined as a...

  • Mr. Lainchbury's Retirement 50

    Mr. Lainchbury's Retirement
    When Mr. Lainchbury retired last
    October from management of our Oxford
    branch the staff gave him a great send-off
    at the Wheatsheaf Arms. Above is Mr. Lainchbury with, on the left, Mr.

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    News of J. S. Staff on National Service
    The following are notes from a few of the letters we have received recently from
    men in the Services :—
    A. A. BANNISTER, Tolworth. Exmouth (Royal Marines). He is now on his

  • Footnote on Christmas 51

    Look, Dad's got a bargain too !

  • At Watford's Town Hall 52

    At Watford's Town Hall, dancers at the J.S. Watford Section Dance photographed from the gallery as they swing into the Gay Gordons.