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    Condensing Milk
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    Coming Down The Mountain
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    Tip Top Show
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    J.S. People Meet Your Contact Clerks
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    J.S. Veterans at Clacton
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    Common Market ?
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  • Romford 03

    Round the Branches. This feature is about the longest shop in the firm. Mr. F. J. Finch, manager of Romford, writes about the branch and the history of the town. Our picture shows the shop front in South Street . . . ...

  • Condensing Milk 10

    Making condensed milk is basically a very simple process. The milk is evaporated in a vacuum so that it gives off its water content at a comparatively low temperature. The process, however, requires exacting quality control...

  • Coming Down The Mountain 15

    IN the Austrian and Swiss mountains cattle are shepherded up to high pastures to graze during the summer months. For Frau Schmidt who lives in the valley, this used to mean considerably less milk, for up went the cost of ...

  • Tip Top Show 16

    The S.S.A. Horticultural Group held their annual show at Dulwich on September 7th and 8th. Mr. E. C. Harriss of the Factory won both the new "J. B. Sainsbury" Cup and the "Lee" Cup. He is seen here with his family in...

  • J.S. People 19

    A new series to introduce personalities associated with the firm of Sainsbury No. I John Dowling, Carman John Dowling. Happy Birthday JOHN DOWLING, former J.S. carman who celebrated his ninetieth birthday on...

  • Meet Your Contact Clerks 20

    A J.S. Journal Feature to help you know to whom you are talking when you make a call to the Sales Office Miss E. Moody (on the right) is contact clerk for District 7. She joined J.S. in 1943 and came into the Sales Office...

  • J.S. Veterans 22

    took a trip to Clacton on September I Oth and spent a day on the bracing East Coast for a change. Nurse Scott found Mr. Wright in pretty good shape. Mr. and Mrs. Cole (above right) Mr. and Mrs. Gibling (above) and ...

  • Common Market ? 23

    Six European countries, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands 163 million people in all are in the European Economic Community. They have worked out plans to set up a common market. They claim that...

  • This is Guildford 29

    A picture which last month's article discovered for us. Its atmosphere of palmy Edwardian peace seemed to good to miss.

  • Wonderful with Children 30

    sees Sussex from donkey-back I SAW Jenny first in Lewes market, beside the auctioneer's rostrum, and a more dejected, dispirited-looking donkey I have never seen. " Only two-pun-ten for this quiet, well-behaved donkey ? " ...

  • Mills with Messages 37

    Eight centuries after its introduction into Holland the windmill still serves as a useful power source throughout the country. And on occasions it can be a telegraph too. Our article is based on material supplied by the ...

  • "J.S. Journal" Crossword, No. 1 40

    "J.S. Journal" Crossword, No.I Across 1. Defeated in the chess group (5) 4. Provided, and let perhaps (9) 9. Pork is reduced, and so apparently are hatchets ! (5, 3, 7) 10. What the churn does to the milk (8) 11....

  • Agar-Agar 42

    FACTS ABOUT FOOD MODERN large-scale food production calls for many ingredients with special qualities. One of these is agar-agar, used in making mayonnaise and gelatines. The jelly in a J.S. long pie for instance owes some of...

  • Marriages 43

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to:—
    Mr. C. C. Summerton of Esher and Miss M. Turner of New Maiden,
    married on August 31st, 1957.
    Mr. F. E. Cox and Miss Y. Martin both of...

  • Movements and Promotions 43

    Movements and Promotions
    We are very pleased to record the following promotions:—
    P. C. Hopkins Luton
    W. A. Watson Luton
    The following transfers will be of interest to many members of the staff...

  • Retirements 43

    We send our very best wishes to the following colleagues who have
    just retired:—
    A. J. BEAVIS, who joined the staff of the factory in
    August 1921, and who, apart from a short period at Gravel
    Lane, has worked in...

  • Brides and Grooms 44

    Miss J. A. Denny and Mr. D. H. Rowland both
    of 24 Brighton, married on July 27th, 1957.
    Top left
    Miss M. G. Welsh of 154 Walthamstow and Mr.
    B. C. Wilks of Leyton married on August 17th,
    Lower left
    Miss M....

  • Out and About 46

    Out and About
    Haverhill on their
    Felixstowe t r ip
    Seventy-five members and friends of Haverhill
    Section of the S.S.A. spent the day at Felixstowe
    on July 21st. They had wet weather for it but the
    worst of the rain fell at...

  • Correction 47

    Correction On page 30 of J.S. JOURNAL for August
    the picture at the head of the page shows Mr. Pagden
    presenting the Pagphilham Cup to Mr. Grierson (not Mr.
    Wrightworth) who was captain of the Elmers End darts
    team in the...

  • Down Memory Lane 47

    In I926 the Griffin Athletic Club started a Ladies' Hockey section and had a very
    successful couple of seasons. Driver J. S. Pye (see J.S. Journal, July, 1957) was
    the instructor of the team. The names of the ladies in the...

  • Egg Transport 48

    Egg Transport
    The new trailer in this picture is in sharp contrast
    to our recent picture of the Milnes-Daimler of pre-
    1914 days. This transport is used for moving eggs
    between packing stations in East Anglia and holds

  • Obituaries 48

    We very much regret to record the deaths of the following colleagues and we send our deepest
    sympathy to all relatives —•
    CHARLES HANNAN joined the staff as a butcher in 1927
    and, after working at branches in...

  • Rennie Street, Blackfriars. 49

    First they put it up and then they
    take it down. It made some of us
    feel very rum inside when the
    erectors started climbing about
    on this crane in Rennie Street,

  • See How They Run 49

    THE STAMFORD PLAYERS Sainsbury Staff Association Dramatic Group Presents An Autumn Production SEE HOW THEY A Farce in 3 acts by PHILIP KING BRIGHTON Saturday, November 23rd Dorset Hall, Dorset Gardens LONDON ...

  • The £25 Prize 50

    write now to win £25 T h e IE. M-*W Pr i ze for the best account of a holiday. Entries must be not less than I 200 and not more than 1800 words. There will also be two consolation prizes of £5 each Conditions Entrants...