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    Imagination, Integrity and Enthusiasm
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    Food for History
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    Edgware Dances
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    Seaside Phenomenon !
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    About the Canary Islands
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    " Q," " G," Coventry and Bexhill Dances...

  • Imagination, Integrity and Enthusiasm 03

    Mr. Alan presents one of the prizes at the College for the Distributive Trades. Mr. Alan Sainsbury's Speech at the College for the Distributive Trades Prizegiving. IN the evening of November 22nd, 1956, the College for the...

  • Kinermony 07

    Prinjet of Kinermony, winner of the King's Cup at the Smithfield Show held at Earls Court in December. The Cup is awarded for the best beast in the show bred by the exhibitor. Some notes on our Aberdeen-Angus herd by Mr. F....

  • Food for History 14

    Crosse and Blackwell, now a household name, recently celebrated their 250th Anniversary and a long history of good things for the table. Two hundred and fifty years ago last year, in the reign of Queen Anne a reign renowned...

  • Edgware Dances at the White Lion 22

    Over 270 guests and members of the Hendon Section of the S.S.A. turned out for a lively and very jolly dance at the White Lion, Edgware, in early December. Kissing Time. Supper Time.

  • Seaside Phenomenon ! 24

    One of the problems that follows on a successful conversion is what to do when it is too successful. Southbourne branch was converted to self service in 1954 and has flourished so well since then that there are times when...

  • About the Canary Islands 25

    The village of Lagunetas on Gran Canaria lies on the road up to the mountains. The terraced fields are typical of the intense exploitation of this part of the Islands. THEY say in the Canary Islands that everyone wants to...

  • "Q," "G," Coventry and Bexhill Dances 30

    Section holds a dance at the canteen on December 28th Year early g Section's New Year Dance was held at Chiesman's Lewisham on January 2nd and a pood time was had by all Coventry's Dinner and Dance At the...

  • S.S.A. Netball 35

    THE S.S.A. Netball Section is a very active and thriving one. There are thirty members coming from the offices at Stamford House and the Factory and a representative team plays in the 2nd Division South of the London Business...

  • Miss Potter's Retirement 38

    Miss Potter with Mr. N. C. Turner, Director and Secretary of J.S. Directors and officials of J.S. were present at a farewell party to Miss Potter on the eve of her retirement. As members of the staff will already know,...

  • "A" Section Dance 40

    a Section holds a dance At the canteen on December 8th there was a fine turn-out for " A " Section's dance and with a floor show of Scottish dancers and a lucky t i c k e t prize of a portable radio everyone, as our...

  • Memories of Blackfriars 42

    When " Bob" Turner retired after 50 years' service we asked him to tell us something about his early days at Blackfriars. We print below a brief account of life in Stamford Street over a generation ago. JUST before last...

  • Long Service 45

    184 years of service with J.S. are totalled by these six members of the staff at J.S. Finchley Road branch. They are, from left to right, with their years of service in brackets after each name. Back row : C. Butler (27), E....

  • Congratulations 46

    Congratulations and best wishes to :—
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Middleton who celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary
    on December 25th, 1956. Mr. Middleton retired from the Depot in
    1946 after nearly thirty years' service with the...

  • Marriages 46

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to:—
    Miss C. Warren and Mr. E. A. Whatley (122 Croydon)
    Miss J. S. Woodland (Ballards Lane) and Mr. R. F. Bailey (Whetstone)
    Miss J....

  • Movements and Promotions 46

    Movements and Promotions
    We are pleased to reeord the following promotions:—
    C. S. Lundy from 259 Ilford to 819 Goodmayes
    D. C. Webber from St. Albans to liast Finchlev
    W. T. G. Hanlon from 250/4...

  • Happy Birthday 48

    Happy Birthday
    The girls gather
    round to sing
    Happy Birthday
    for Mr. J. Nixon
    of Hanwell branch
    on his 60th

  • Retirements 48

    the following members of the staff have just retired:—
    Miss G. HARDING, who joined the firm in 1937 as resident Housekeeper
    at Leatherhead. From there she went to Bramshott and saw subsequent
    service at Saffron...

  • Obituary 49

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues and we extend
    our deepest sympathy to all relatives:—
    Miss F. K. HACK, who commenced with the firm in 1905 as Clerk at
    Forest Gate and who died...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    The following notes are from letters we have received from our National Servicemen: I. A. BOOKER, Hayes. Yeovil (Army). Is training to be a fire-fighter driver and although he has not found it too bad so far, he expects that the...

  • 'J' Section's cup-winning team 52

    From Mr. A. E. Flint of Norbury comes this wintry scene, taken in 1922, of 'J' Section's cup-winning team and their supporters at Dulwich.