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    A Free Market
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    J.S. Jobs
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    Children's Parties
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    Packaging for Self-Service
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    Making Marmalade
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    Town Sections Dance
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    ' P ' Section Sings and Dances
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  • A Free Market 03

    The Annual Dinner of the London Provision Exchange was held at Grosvenor House on February 19th. Mr. James Sainsbury, Vice-Chairman of the Exchange, proposing the toast " Our Guests ", made some comments on contemporary ...

  • Aveley 06

    Seventeenth J.S. Self-Service Store THE L.C.C. estate of Aveley is about 20 miles out of London in Essex and lies to the north-east of Aveley village, not far from Grays on the Thames estuary. Our new branch there is our...

  • J.S. Jobs 14

    Number one of a new series about people and the jobs they do for J.S. Miss J. L. Jakeman. ORGANISING meals which are served at the rate of 8 a minute to 1,200 consumers each day, and snacks for several hundreds more is...

  • Children's Parties 15

    Party-minded People from © Southampton Children's Parti

  • Packaging for Self-service 16

    The New J.S. Jams were introduced in all our branches on March Ath. In the following pictures we show some of the steps in the design and production of the labels. In our article, problems which self-service has created for the...

  • Making Marmalade 26

    In making marmalade only Seville oranges are used. These are bought through agents at prices fixed by the Spanish Government. They are seen here having the "eye" taken out by hand. When the eye is taken out the orange rolls...

  • Town Sections Dance 32

    Cause Effect At Blackfriars I on February 2nd when parties from all over London turned up for a I very gay evening. «R'2 « W The decorations were exceptionally spring-like for February. «D' Prizes for...

  • 'P' Section Sings and Dances 36

    Mr. Upchurch of the Factory. Mr. Upchurch gets the prize from Mr. Simon Sainsbury. The Garage put on a new kind of show for Blackfriars when they held their dance there on January 12th. A singing competition was held...

  • The Secoy Rifle Group 38

    L. to R. R. Jay, N. Henderson, Mrs. E. Jay, D. Mardon, R. Merry, Miss J. Moore, R. Brickwood, W. Prigmore, E. Tilley, R. Maggs, P. Jackson, Miss S. Wheatley, Miss A. Corner, W. Cole, C. Risley, P. Carter, Miss P. Garnham, G....

  • 'J' Section Dance 40

    hold a dance at Kennard's of Croydon J Section's dance held on January 16th was a very pleasant and lively affair.

  • Start Growing Dahlias Now 42

    Mr. E. Louch, Assistant-manager at Eastcote Branch. Member of Ruislip Central and of Ruislip and District Horticultural Associations, he took last year 12 firsts, 7 seconds and 3 thirds in their shows. In 1955 he won a Bronze...

  • Spring Chicken 43

    Topical theme (With apologies to the late j . S. Gilbert.) in a shop at the counter a customer grand Ordered " Chick-en, spring chick-en, spring chicken." A Sainsbury's salesman said " Why do you stand Saying ' Chicken,...

  • From Hungary 44

    From Hungary
    Working at Westbourne Grove
    branch as porter and poulterer is
    Marossy Bela who left Hungary
    last November. Our picture
    shows him training under Mr.
    Frost at Blackfriars. In Hungary
    Bela lived in Budapest and...

  • Movements and Promotions 44

    Movements and Promotions
    We are very pleased to record the following promotions:
    E. J. Cornelius
    J. Crane
    S. C. Davies
    F. W. Gillam
    D. A. Males
    W. H. Reading
    L. D. Salter
    E. J. Sealy

  • Congratulations 46

    Miss Grace Allen and
    Mr. Terence Crowder
    both of the Factory, Blackfriars,
    married on January 19th, 1957.
    Miss P. M. Shafren (Pinner) and
    Mr. V. L. Murray (Gerrards Cross)
    married on...

  • Farewell Dinner 47

    Farewell Dinner
    J.S. Superintendents and Supervisors gave a
    farewell dinner to Miss Potter at the Horseshoe
    Inn, Tottenham Court Road. It was a
    very informal evening at which 19 guests
    sat down to dinner and spent a very...

  • Marriages 47

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to:—
    Mrs. R. Heavens and Mr. R. Guiney (Purley)
    Miss E. Hitchison and Mr. M. Meaney (1/4 Ealing)
    Miss P. M. Shafren (Pinner) and Mr. V. L....

  • Congratulations 48

    Congratulations and best wishes to :—
    Miss M. Down, Daily Housekeeper, of Hythe, who
    completed 25 years with the firm on February
    22nd. She was engaged as a Resident Maid at
    Folkestone in 1932 and was promoted to...

  • Mr. and Mrs. P. Wigley 48

    The many friends at J.S. of
    Mr. and Mrs. P. Wigley will
    join in congratulations to
    them on celebrating their
    golden wedding on February
    4th, 1957. Mr. Wigley will be
    remembered by many J.S. staff
    as manager of 130 Ealing...

  • Retirement 48

    The following member of the staff has just retired:—
    A. L. PROUTEN, who was engaged originally as
    a Delivery Lad in 1909 at 147 Balham. He resigned
    two years later but was re-engaged in 1915 as a
    Poultry Blockman...

  • Down Memory Lane 49

    Down Memory Lane
    From Mr. A. J. Talbot
    comes this picture of our
    Kingsbury branch. Mr.
    Talbot was the first manager
    there. He tells us
    that he still keeps in
    touch with old J.S. friends.
    The window bills in the

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 49

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The following news items are based on letters we have received from our National
    R. H. BALL, Colindale. Royston (R.A.F.). After doing his initial training
    at Bridgnorth,...

  • Obituary 49

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues and we extend our
    deepest sympathy to all the relatives:—
    J. W. FRY, engaged in 1920 as a Leyland driver in the Depot. He remained
    as a driver up...