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    The New J.S. Training Centre.
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    J.S. Jobs
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    Hormone Feeding of Beef
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    Round the Branches ; Harrow
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    Changes at Stamford House
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    Making Cake for J.S.
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    Wedding Breakfast
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  • The New J.S. Training Centre 03

    This is the entrance to the new J.S. Training Centre in Blackfriars Road. The centre is in part of the former Tress property. MANY of the men at the branches will recall their Resettlement Course at Blackfriars when they...

  • J.S. Jobs 11

    Number 2. New Series TICKET writer to J.S. is H. Tallemach, a native of Blackfriars. He was born in Charlotte Street, now Union Street, and lived there until he was nine years old. His first job with J.S. was as egg-boy ...

  • Hormone Feeding of Beef 12

    At Inverquhomery. Part of our Aberdeen- Angus herd. On the left is Mr. W. Donald, whose name has so long been associated with J.S. Scotch beef supplies, and with him is Mr. A. Martin, manager of the farm. W. M. Justice,...

  • At Harrow-on-the-Hill 17

    The modern all-glass front of the J.S. Branch at Harrow. This is our grocery and provisions shop. The butcher shop is a few doors away. ROUND THE BRANCHES THE J.S. Branch at Harrow was opened for trading in 1899 in the...

  • Changes at Stamford House 24

    The Stores Buying Offices. Mr. Brown and Mr. Symons have their offices on the left. All doors and panels in the partitions are plastic faced for easy cleaning. FOR the past few months building operations in the northern half...

  • Making Cake for J.S. 28

    The Macfarlane Lang factory at Osterley Park. THE business of Macfarlane Lang & Co. was founded in June, 1817, by Mr. James Lang in Glasgow. It was a small bakery which did very well by the 1880's well enough to build a ...

  • Wedding Breakfast 35

    The table was laid under the cart-shed. On it were four sirloins, six chicken fricassees, stewed veal, three legs of mutton, and in the middle a fine roast sucking-pig, flanked by four chitterlings with sorrel. At the corners...

  • The Mountains of the Snow Lake 36

    This 19,300 feet high peak was climbed for the first time by Mr. and firs. Greenald. two members of the L.S.E. Club expedition who christened it Cornice Peak because of its many overhanging snow cornices. The climb was made...

  • J.S. Drivers' Club hold a Dinner and Concert at Colombo Street 38

    The Drivers' Club gathers at the Staff Canteen for a drink and a chat before dinner. Centre, Mr. Alan Sainsbury, Mr. H. Luttman, Chairman of the Club, and Mr. F. W. Salisbury. Below: Mr. Alan chats with a group of J.S. ...

  • Digging and Drilling at Rennie Street 40

    Work continues at Rennie Street on the foundations of the new warehouse block there. The old buildings are now almost all demolished and pressure piling is going on to place the columns of reinforced concrete which will carry...

  • Griffin 'N' at Sudbury Hill 42

    The team at half-time show signs of the grim conditions. They are, from I. to r., J. Dunford, E. Hardy, P. Fory, G. Arnold, N. Leverton, D. Floody (in front), S. Affection, S. Hopkins (captain), R. Mason (goalkeeper), R....

  • 'B' Section's Dance 44

    'B' Section held a very successful dance at the Canteen on March 9th, livened up by Pete Stewart's Skiffle Group. Visitors from all over town came to join as can be seen from our pictures. Above left are Stamford Hill and...

  • Marriages 45

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to:—
    Mr. M. J. Tunks, Fulham, and Miss H. Evans, W. Kensington, on March
    16th, 1957
    Mr. F. Whelan and Miss M. Buxcey, both of 94 Tunbridge...

  • Movements and Promotions 45

    Movements and Promotions
    We are very pleased to record the following promotions :—
    J. Bush from 12/16 Kingsland to 134 Forest Gate
    Tie following transfers will be of interest to many members of...

  • Obituary 46

    We very much regret to record the death of the following colleagues and rue extend
    our deepest sympathy to all the relatives:—
    Mrs. M. E. CRISP, who was engaged in 1946 as a Daily
    Maid at 50 Goodmayes. She...

  • Congratulations 47

    Congratulations to Miss Molly McGuire and Mrs. Warnes, of the Canteen
    cooking staff, Blackfriars, who took prizes at the Industrial Catering
    Association Cookery Competition on March 6th. Miss McGuire took...

  • Summer Fete 47

    Summer Fete
    Just to remind you that the
    S.S.A. summer fete will be
    held this year at Dulwich
    on August Bank Holiday
    Monday (it's the 5th of
    August). Harry Younger
    sends us this picture of the
    office gent's team of...

  • Backstage with Dave King 48

    Backstage with Dave King. When the staff of 3 Golders Green went on
    an outing on March 16th they had dinner at the Chicken Inn, Leicester Square,
    and went on to the Hippodrome to see the Dave King show. After the

  • Footnote to Kinermony 48

    Footnote to Kinermony
    Our picture shows
    the King's Cup (see
    J.S. Journal for February)
    on display in
    our branch at 140
    Finchley Road.
    On the left is
    First Butcher, Mr. J.
    Clements and on the
    right Mr. G. Mc-

  • Down Memory Lane 49

    Down Memory Lane
    Mrs. N. Dredge of
    Marble Arch sends us
    this picture of Temple
    Fortune branch over 20
    years ago. In the picture
    are, from I. to r., Mr.
    Worsfold, the manager,
    Miss Keep, the cashier,
    Miss Jones (now...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The following news iteif/s are based on Idlers ire hare rereired from onr National
    Servicemen :—
    N. D. BAY, Daaifiham. Germany (Army). Me is stationed at Dortmund
    and seems to be...

  • Apologies to Mr. J. Flynn 51

    Apologies to Mr. J. Flynn who was
    described in error as
    winning second prize
    at the ' P ' Section
    singing competition on
    January 12th (see
    j.S. journal March, p. 34).
    Mr. Flynn was in fact
    the winner of the
    first prize....

  • A J.S. Journal Competition for 1957 52

    A Prize of £25 is offered for the best short account of a holiday by a member of J.S Staff. There will also be two consolation prizes of £5 each. Entries must be not less than 1,200 and not more than 1,800 words. Conditions ...