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  • Down to Drury Lane 01

    Photographs by Tony Armstrong-Jones
    For five centuries, the rich and the proud, the poor and the wretched have
    strolled in Drury Lane—Poets and actors, footpads and Lords
    have rubbed shoulders in this narrow street.

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    Drury Lane
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    Peace and Fine Weather
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    Mr. L. J. King
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    J.S. Cattle take Prizes
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    Down Memory Lane
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    Wet Summer—fine Show
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    Tops at Tennis
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  • Peace and Fine Weather 08

    Over 60 years ago the author of this article started
    work with J.S. when Victoria was Queen
    and flying meant a trip in a balloon.
    Peace and Fine Weather
    by L. J. King Glancing through the January number of the
    J.S. Journal, I...

  • About the Author 10

    About the Author
    Mr. and Mrs. L. J. King at the Forty Years' service party
    at Blackfriars last March.
    Mr. L. J. King, who wrote the article above about
    trading in the 'nineties, started work in 1895 at
    147 Balham while he was...

  • Down Memory Lane 11

    Down Memory Lane
    In the early twenties our
    new Woking Branch
    (opened 1919,) joined in
    a local Carnival. For
    this decorated tricycle
    with Mr. Harrington up
    J.S. Kitchens baked a
    pie specially for the

  • J.S. Cattle take Prizes 11

    J.S. Cattle take Prizes
    At Grantown-on-Spey this year J.S. cattle
    took many prizes at the Strathspey Farmers'
    Club. On the right is Mr. Charles Edward,
    our Kinermony manager, receiving the cross
    cattle championship trophy...

  • Wet Summer—fine Show 12

    Wet Summerfine
    The storm of the century broke over Dulwich on
    Friday afternoon, September 5th, just as members
    of the Horticultural and the Aquarist (Tropical
    Fish keepers to us) Groups were getting to work
    on the...

  • Tournament 14

    Bournemouth 2 v. Amersham.
    This year saw a big increase in interest in netball
    in the S.S.A. and on September 7th at Dulwich
    there were eight teams playing in a competition
    which was popular with visitors to the...

  • Tops at Tennis 16

    Tops at Tennis
    Mr. F. W.
    presents the
    Tennis cup to
    Miss G. Mulvey.
    The Men's Singles Tennis championship this year
    was won by Mr. A. Bacon of Depot Stock Office,
    who defeated Mr. H. Thomas of the same office...

  • Tropicality 17

    These tropical fish
    keeping warm and wet at Dulwich
    are the Cherry Barb,
    Albino Sword and Harlequin
    Above is the lighthouse display erected by the aquarists.
    The fish can be seen swimming round inside...

  • J.S. Job 18

    F. McManus ofJ.S. Transport Office
    " Haven't you heard about this
    Do-It-Yourself movement ? "
    was the answer we got from
    Mac when we tried to ask him
    some questions about his life
    withJ.S. " Give me the pen"
    he said....

  • Bake it now 19

    JANE, I'm making my Christmas cake today.
    SHIRLEY, Why so early ? Christmas is weeks away.
    JANE, Yes, but the longer a cake mellows, the
    better it is.
    SHIRLEY, My cakes are never very successful, perhaps
    you could give me a...

  • The Six Skills of Soccer 20

    The 6 skills of Soccer
    This is the first of a series of articles about
    the fundamental skills that make an
    efficient soccer player. They have been
    prepared by Norman Creek, the Olympic
    team manager and former full...

  • Out and About 21

    Out and About
    with J. S. People
    A few of the girls from the factory
    took their annual outing at
    Southend. It was organised by
    Mrs. Stenning and Mrs. Thurgood,
    both of the third floor.
    Mrs. Stenning wrote to us to say,
    " ....

  • Movements and Promotions 22

    Movements and Promotions
    We are very pleased to record the following
    promotion :—
    To Assistant Manager
    H . W R I G H T Aveley
    The following transfers may be of interest to many
    members of the staff:—
    D . J ....

  • Retirements 22

    E. TYRELL from 51 Ealing
    to 87 Ealing
    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues
    who have just retired :—
    A. G. AUSTIN, who was engaged in August 1924.
    Initially he worked at the branches but he...

  • Marriages 23

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to:—
    Mr. M. Rawlingson and Miss P. Ryder, both of
    140 Finchley Road, who were married on August
    30th, 1958.
    Mr. E. Vaughan and Miss J....

  • Obituary 23

    We regretfully record the deaths of the following
    colleagues and send our deepest sympathy to all
    MRS. F. BEASOR, who died on September 6th,
    1958. She joined the Factory staff as a Second
    Hand in 1955,...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service National Service 24

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    J. C. Collingridge, Northampton. Aden (R.A.F.).
    Has now been in his present station for five months
    and is regarded as an old hand. He tells us that
    he has had only about ten minutes'...

  • ? What 24

    Can you identify the object in the picture above ?
    For the first correct identification to be opened
    " J . S . Journal" offers a prize of a
    £1 • O ' O Premium Bond
    Entries should be sent to "J.S. Journal,"...