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    Advertising J.S.
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    About our Cover Picture
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    J.S. People
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    A Prophet on the Bench
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    Sardines Ahoy!
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    Meet the Commodity Clerks
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    St. Thomas' Hospital
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    'X' Section

  • Advertising J.S. 03

    The firm's first use of Television as an advertising medium prompted us to gather a few pictures from the THE story of modern advertising began in 1853 when the tax on newspaper and periodical advertisements was abolished....

  • About our Cover Picture 11

    THE cover picture shows a production team at work in our West Wickham branch, where the TV commercial used during our chicken sales campaign was made. Because TV commercials are short (30 seconds in this case and a separate...

  • J.S. People 12

    Mrs. Roberts. MRS. ROBERTS, who retired from the firm last month, came to work for J.S. in 1942. She was, at first, secretary to Mr. Murray, at that time Office manager and, later, she became head of the Sales Office at a...

  • A Prophet on the Bench 13

    SEVERAL years before the Franco-Prussian War was fought a young lad in his early teens was apprenticed to a grocer and Italian warehouseman who had a shop on Shooters Hill, Blackheath. He quickly settled down and made himself...

  • Sardines Ahoy ! 14

    by G. T . A s h t o n of Sales Office. This account of an incident during last summer's holiday was awarded one of the two consolation prizes in our competition for the best holiday story. WE were on a cycling tour of...

  • Meet the Commodity Clerks 20

    D. Pettet. R. G. Brown A. Adamson. F. Waterman. The people above are responsible for the distribution of fresh meat and offal to our branches. Mr. F. Waterman in the front row centre joined J.S. in 1923 to work in the...

  • St. Thomas' Hospital 24

    A Short History The story of this world-famous hospital begins in Southwark seven or eight centuries ago. This necessarily brief account tells a little about its growth from obscure beginnings to the building of the...

  • Bournemouth 31

    Held a popular party for 66 cheerful, hungry kids at Alexandra Hall and laid on hats, bal loons,, noisemakers, conjuror, Punch and Judy, and plenty of food, pop and music. Left: Looks as if someone has spotted how the...

  • 'X' Section 31

    (that's the Wimbledon/ Morden area) held a dance on November 27th at the Crown Hotel, Morden, when 200 S.S.A. members and guests kept things very lively. Skiffle in the interval is the popular thing this season.

  • At Haywards Heath 34

    What is going on up there is a competition for the most elegant ankle (Mr. Bonham and Mr. Thompson are judging). Haywards Heath dance was held on January 4th in Franklands Village Hall. Playing the electric guitar is Mr....

  • 'A' Section 35

    (That's llford) held a bright and cheerful dance at the Canteen on December 14th. Mrs. Davis presented the prizes. Then the Section gave her a bouquet. Over on the left is Mr. Rodford who is receiving a cricket bat...

  • Coventry dine and dance 36

    at the Leofric Hotel on January 11th The groups above and below are just some of the S.S.A. members and guests who enjoyed a splendid evening at the Leofric when the section held its annual dinner and dance. There were ...

  • Southampton 38

    had over 75 children at their party on January 8th. On the right are four singers who joined "Butch" Waters and his Skiffle group. There was aconjuror and a very popular clown "Uno Clot," photographed below with the...

  • Going UP 39

    How I ate my way up the Waldorf BEING the son of a Frenchman and a chef, memorable meals tend to cloud all mv recollections of food with the same bright haze of pleasure and satisfaction. I can remember a chicken stuffed...

  • Flash to all S.S.A. Sections 41

    When you next hold party get you r amateu Their pictures will fin of the Journal if they We pay half-a-guinea Send pictures and captions tt a dance, an outing or a r photographers to work. d a welcome in the pages are...

  • Pancakemanship 42

    SHROVE TUESDAY, the day before the first day of Lent, received its name from the old custom of Shriving, or making confessions. The day has been associated with pancake making for many centuries, and too often, year after year,...

  • Nobody threw a dinner 44

    Mrs. A. L. Smith, who sent us this account of how she became a J.S. Housekeeper, was formerly at 30A Catford Hill. Today she is a cook at Lewisham branch. Mrs. A. L. Smith. WHEN I found myself in 1949 suddenly compelled...

  • Movements and Promotions 46

    Movements and Promotions
    The following transfers may be of interest to many members of our staff:—
    G. Coppard from Earls Court to 73 Kingsland
    E. J. Sealy from 130 Ealing to Earls Court

  • Retirements 46

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who have just retired:—
    Mr. E. H. Kerr, chief engineer of the factory, retired on December 31st,
    1957. He joined J.S. on July 31st, 1942, to take charge of the...

  • Factory's Fine Christmas Effort 47

    Factory's Fine Christmas Effort
    Our picture shows the Christmas tree
    surrounded by gifts which the Factory
    presented to Miss Sharman's Homes
    at Dulwich. The gifts included a fully
    equipped bicycle, three prams with

  • Obituaries 47

    We extend our deepest sympathy to the relatives of the following
    colleagues who have recently died:—
    T. E. BONNER, who was engaged in 1921 as a Warehouseman
    at 147 Balham. During the next 25 years he remained

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 48

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The following notes are based on a few of the letters we have received from our
    National Servicemen:—
    M. BUTTERWORTH, H.O. Germany (Army). Continues well in health but
    was sad to have...

  • "J.S. Journal" Crossword No. 5 50

    A prize of £1 . t . 0 is offered for the first correct solution to be opened. Entries marked X-WORD should be sent to JS, Journal to arrive not later than February 28th, 1958. Across 1. 4. 9. 10. 11. 13. 15....

  • 1958 Spring Ball 52

    at the Empress Hall 7*00 to Midnight on Saturday 12th April Th fainsfl nMStaff^psociaticn Spring Ball I Eric Winstone and his Orchestra Eric Galloway and his Band Grand Cabaret 2 Lambrettas must be won in the Free Draw...